Data Centers around the GlobeHave you ever wondered where web giants store their data? Do you know what happens when you type anything to the search query? How does it all work and where is it stored? Individual servers quickly respond to your search request, match it with contextual ads and present it all to you.

All major web giants such as Google, Yahoo or Facebook have to deal with incredible amount of queries from millions of processes on multitude of servers. A backup or maintenance break is not an option, service provides simply cannot afford it. With the number of pages growing, the amount of servers has to be expanded. For example, Google has to deal with around 30 petabytes of information daily. Let’s try to find out who is hosting this incredible amount of data.

In search of durable space

The endless flow of information requires appropriate storage. Hyper-scale data centers have to expand their capacity every now and then. Google has recently announced the expansion of its storage facility in Brussels to meet the increasing demand of its users. Some data centers simply add extra disk space, yet this method does not seem to be very effective for cloud computing technology.

Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Google and other companies found a solution to their storage dilemma. Object-based storage gave a chance to use distributed file systems. It basically divides the information about any content from the storage thus granting access for as many readers as possible. This way the distributed file system goes beyond the data storage centers.

Where are the major servers located?

Large corporations try to keep a low profile. They don’t really reveal the number of data servers they use and their location. I guess they do it so that other companies wouldn’t have a chance to spy on them and steal their know-how. Only critical employees have access to such storage facilities, not even journalists are allowed to peek inside.

Data centers of Google are all spread around the world. Company’s storage facility in Dallas occupies a space as large as three football fields. You can only imagine how much the company needs to spend on maintenance, cooling system and utilities. It needs at least 103 megawatts to operate. A small scale city would require equal amount of energy.

Web giants tend to choose obscure locations for their data storage facilities. Cheap electricity and reliable power supplies are some of the reasons behind that. The ability to organize and build a storage facility is crucial for such web giants. That’s why they try to spread their infrastructure across the globe.

Reliable storage facility allows them to index millions web pages on the daily basis, grant free email storage and deal with billions search queries. The internet as we know it would not be the same without data centers. Remember the old days when it could take you ages to get search results? Thanks to upgraded data storage centers, search results are now delivered within seconds. Data centers are the beating hearts of our internet addicted world.

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