Mobile Technology Has Come A Long Way: The Iphone 5Clearly, if you know anything about technology you will most definitely appreciate the new iPhone 5 smart phones. This is the latest Apple invention and it is a product that is praise worthy to the user. The iphone 5 is the lightest, thinnest and probably the smartest iphone to ever be created. It features an amazing four inch retina display, an A6 apple designed chip for fast performance as well as a superfast wireless technology and it can still maintain a long battery life. The iphone 5 has operating system 6 which is the most advanced OS in the world. This operating system comes with more than 200 features including maps app, photo streams, siri, and passbook organization. The siri comes with numerous features and languages. The network speed depends on the carrier networks; contact your carrier for more info. The battery life of your iphone 5 will be determined by usage and settings among other factors.

The iphone 5 has been launched in a time when the mobile phone market is most competitive. Its largest competitor is the Samsung galaxy S III which is an android phone with a 4.8 inch display. Going by android phone standards, this display is quite spacious and large when compared to the iphone 4 and the other iphone smart phones predecessors display at 3.5 inches.

The reason why most people are reluctant to purchase the iphone 5 is its market price. It is priced at approximately over 500 pounds. If you are fond of apps and numerous downloads the 16GB iphone 5 model may not be most ideal meaning you would nee the 32GB model which is priced at more than 600 pounds. For lovers of smart phones weighing on whether or not to get the new iphone 5, it is a good idea to also consider the Samsung galaxy S III. This is by far the best android phone in the market and it is more affordable that the iphone 5. This android phone has a large enough display and offers many of the features you would imagine present in smart phones. This is all thanks to the powerful and flexible android OS. The best thing about the Samsung galaxy S III android phone is the fact that it comes with a microSD card slot meaning you can expand your storage space. The apple platform is a big plus when compared to the latest android phone. It offers simplicity of app selection and use. However, if you are more interested in cell phone adventure, then the Samsung android phone is still the best choice.

The best way to keep your iphone 5 or android phone looking new and classy for longer is by protecting it with an iphone 5 cover and other cell phone accessories. While there are numerous iphone 5 covers in the market, you need to choose one that offers the phone protection and still looks flashy. When it comes to cell phone accessories, iphone lines inspire users greatly. These iphone 5 covers were in the market long before the release of the phone. You can choose from a wide range of unbreakable iphone covers, retro iphone 5 covers and even gorgeous iphone 5 covers.