Pixel-ChromebookMost of the people would not be willing to visit local shopping malls and store. Instead they would prefer staying at home, get connected to internet and do online shopping. This prediction was made in the 1990s.

Although the shopping trends have changed, but we still see a large number of people visiting local shops and malls. This has encouraged companies including technical specialists to jump into retail business. Apple was the first technical specialist to combine education and support in its retail stores.

Apple has plans to open 30 new stores across the globe, while creating more space in majority of their existing outlets. Following these footsteps, the rivals Microsoft and Samsung also entered into this business. Microsoft has opened its retail outlets in USA, whereas Samsung is operating store in Canada.

Google, the search engine giant, also had plans to open retail chain but now has decided to take back this decision.  Google is well renowned for its spectacular web services.

Google has launched high-tech tablets, Smartphones and other gadgets which are giving tough time to the technical giants.  The consumers purchase directly from the Google Play Store. In addition, Google has also placed numerous Chromebook kiosks across the cities in USA. Google wants to earn a high market share in retail consumer marketplace and is now concentrating more on delivering breakthrough gadgets.

So lets take a look at Google’s compelling devices that would impress the customers.

Google Glass

This is one of the most anticipated products. It would surely be the most attractive device and a large numbers of customers would head to the Google stores.

This innovative eyeglasses offers the functionalities of Smartphone. According to the rumors, the price would be more or less around 1000 US dollars.

Pixel Chromebook

The other attraction at Google store would be the Pixel Chromebook. Its display, prices and specs, all are extremely impressive.


Google has embedded Core i5 1.8 GHz processor, along with a durable SSD (solid state hard drive) offering 32 GB storage. You can run all high-tech applications as the Chromebook features 4 GB RAM.  The customers would also get free cloud storage space up to 1 terabyte.


According to Google, this Chromebook bests all other laptops and features the highest pixel density (239 ppi). Enjoy the staggering 2560x1700 display on its 12.85-inch touch screen. The screen has 4.3 million pixels whereas the impressive 3:2 photographic format delivers vibrant color display and exceptional quality.


The price of this compact device is around $1300.


Google+ Hangouts become more enjoyable when you have active voice cancellation and microphone array. Thanks to the HD webcam, the users enjoy clear interaction with their love ones.

Other features

Google has packed high-performance software and hardware in this impressive laptop. It boots quickly, and the automatic up-dates load your laptop with the advanced features. No need to worry about viruses, because the Pixel Chromebook incorporates virus protection software. The architecture is unique, has a back-lit keyboard and the screws are invisible. Moreover, the built-in LTE and Wi-Fi ensure that the users are connected to the widest range of platforms.

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