Top 10 Hottest Games for iPhoneThere are currently more than 500,000 apps available for download in the iTunes App Store. That means the gaming experience and choices are almost unlimited. Among these games for the iPhone, some cost less than a dollar, while others are more. I have sorted out some of the games that I think are the best iPhone games for everyone. Here are the top ten hottest games for your iPhone!

Gun Bros 2

This sequel to one of the best open-multiplayer shooters on the iPhone is a hot game app! With a setting involving a conflict between F.R.A.G.G.E.D. and T.O.O.L, users play as the Gun Brothers who, other than their obsession with guns, are trying to save the world. New bosses, upgrades and great real-time multiplayer rounds make this game exciting with the iCloud and Game Center.

Kingdom Conquest II

A combination of real-time strategy, role-playing and card battling, this app is for every geeky guy out there. Users will be crawling in dungeons with other players. They have to construct a strong city and compile monster cards to give out to their minions to claim more land. Users can also opt to spend some money for faster developments through in-app purchase, but, of course, they don’t have to. This app has a lot to offer in its gameplay and it’s free!

Year Walk

If you like creepy yet enthralling games, then this app is for you. It focuses more on the experience than the action, so you’ll keep on playing this app. It has a great gameplay that goes along with its abstract art look. Borrowing from Swedish mythology, this app is about an ancient custom of going into the wilderness on the last night of the year to catch a glimpse of the future. But this journey has perils awaiting you. Although it’s not a horror game, it has a dark tone with moments of unexpected terror.

Wave Trip

This app looks like a 2D game similar to Tiny Wings, but it has a musical element and the ability to create your very own musical landscapes. As you fly along, create a song by shooting at colored shapes. Different colors correspond to different tunes. It’s very addictive yet frustrating at the same time. No worries! It’s very easy to use and you’ll be so engaged with it that you’ll try anything to create your music!

Major Magnet

With this app, users will play as a clumsy man named Marvin. He has a pet guinea pig that comes with him to save the world. The gameplay is about tapping magnets to shoot Major Marvin throughout the stages with different environments. The animation and artwork are extremely beautiful and clean. If you want quality arcade action, then this app is for you!

Heroes and Castles

It’s a fun mix of third-person action battle with castle-building strategy. Can you create a castle strong enough to stand against the undead, goblins and orcs? Create a huge army and construct buildings. Make sure you improve your fortress’s defenses so that you can easily defeat your enemies. Play as one of the three heroes. Level up and loot some treasures, but never forget to improve your castle and recruit more soldiers! Moreover, you can choose the co-op mode and have fun with your friends!

Spunk and Moxie

An app about mutation trying to escape a laboratory. You will control Spunk and Moxie to bounce, fly and slide around many obstacles in 30 different levels. Each level provides power ups and secrets, like medals, characters from other famous games and stars that mean you have completed the game. If you become the first to successfully unlock all 30 stars, Tilt Studios, the creator of the app, will offer a $1,000 prize.

Rise of the Blobs

This free app is a puzzle game in which you battle different lumps of jelly to save a marshmallow. How will you defeat them? Well, by throwing bits of fruits at them! Pop jellies with a tap as long as the fruit matches the color of the jelly. You will earn coins that you can send on power-ups. As you go up each level, everything becomes harder. There are also different goals and rewards to keep you engaged in the game!


What if robots destroyed our planet and you were the only one alive? What would you do? You’d want vengeance! Skiing is your only recourse since you are a Krashlander. Ski the slopes of the planet and pick up speed. Then attack robots standing on cliffs. This app is like a harder version of the Tiny Wings game combined with Angry Birds.

Joe Danger

Ever dreamed of becoming a motorcycle stuntman but were scared of risking your life? Well then, this is your chance! Joe Danger is an app in which you play Joe and his bike throughout 50 difficult tracks with crazy challenges. Curve ramps are all along your way to help you grab those coins. Master the gestures and you will become a master motorcycle stuntman!

There you go! These are hottest game apps out there in the iTunes App Store for your iPhone. Download them now and enjoy! They will also look great with your iPhone’s Retina Display technology!

About The Author. Andrew Meadows is a writer for Cash For Smartphones. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature. An art enthusiast, he loves to write art criticism, fiction, non-fiction and plays. He is also interested in writing about pop culture and technology.