Children Can Put the iPad to Good UseWhat do you use your iPad for? I mainly use it to play games and read news. Less often, but still rather regularly, I write on the iPad. It makes for a handy tool when I need to focus and disconnect from instant messengers and social networks.

I do know, though, the iPad can be put to good use by kids. I know this because my young nephews inherited the original iPad when I got the new iPad. And, while some parents may disagree with kids having such an expensive device, I have seen just how beneficial it is for them kids to have access to it.

Note: While I specifically mention the iPad in this article, I do not see why the same things can be said of other tablets.

Read stories

This is the main thing that my nephews do with the iPad. The word “read” does not fully encompass the activity, though. Due to the nature of the iPad apps that are available, the experience with stories has gone beyond reading. Kids may be too young to read, by they can listen to the stories being read by their parents, or they can listen to the stories being read by the narrator in the app.

Additionally, storybook apps are usually interactive, engaging the kids to do certain actions as the story progresses. This makes the experience even more fun and also adds to the learning experience.

Play educational games

There is no lack of educational games for the iPad. From word games (varying in difficulty) to math games to alphabet games to animal sounds games - there really is a treasure trove of education games that a child can play with on the iPad.

Just like with the storybook apps, educational games for the iPad presents a high level of engagement for the user. This means that the kids are not merely accepting information. They are also required to have a high degree of active participation.

Watch worthwhile movies or TV shows

This might be the most controversial point, as there are some camps who absolutely detest the idea of kids watching movies or TV shows. My belief, however, is that there is nothing wrong with this activity per se. The issue crops up when watching becomes the default activity, when watching becomes the solution to every single thing.

There are a lot of videos, shows, and movies which can be beneficial to your child. Your task is to make sure that watching them is not used to keep the child busy or to stop a tantrum. Watching should be regulated and monitored - just like playing games.

At the end of the day, the iPad is just a tool, and a brilliant one at that. How effective the tool is depends on the user and the parents who guide that user.

Lily Madrid is a proud aunt who loves to share her passion for technology with her nephews. SEO is her field of specialization, but she wants to start an Apple blog in the near future.