Top Social Networking Apps for iPadsMobile apps are quite popular with mobile device owners, and apps for iPads are no different. From mobile phones to laptops to tablets, mobile apps appear to have dug into mobile operations for the duration. As the mobile technology world gears for the next-generation of iOS devices, here are some of the top social networking apps for iPads, presented in no particular order.

 Facebook and Facebook Messenger

Although these are separate iOS apps, they are based around the same social networking site, the world's largest SocNet, Facebook.

With a click on an icon, you can update your status, comment on a friend's photo or status update and share news stories that interest you.

Facebook Messenger makes communicating with your Friend's list much easier than private messages on the platform and so much more convenient when you want dialogue.


Skype appeared in the ether-arena many years ago. From a free service with ads to a paid connectivity option, Skype still allows free computer-to-computer service, but its still-growing popularity is based on its telephone calling capability.
Greatly popular with users with low free-minutes plans, Skype enable voice, written or video communications around the world.


Much like an ice-breaker between new acquaintances, Skout lets you flirt, play and basically get to know others in a safe environment. You receive notifications when others “check you out” – view your profile, similar in nature to online dating sites. Talk, share or just ignore people who contact you. You control your interaction.

As with all online, interactive features and platforms, take care to safeguard your privacy and personal information until you develop trust in the receiver.


FourSquare isn't as widely known as Facebook, but it's one of the fastest growing social network platforms in the ether world, both with users and with local merchants and national brand advertisers.

Download the app, create your account, and as you run errands, head to work or to an appointment, learn what special deals are offered via the coupons and sales lists by location. A highly effective marketing tool by advertisers, learn of special price reductions available to only FourSquare users, and each time you check into a location, you earn points.

Earn enough points, and you can become the “mayor” of a particular location, whether it's your favorite coffee shop, a specialty shop or the branch of a national grocery store.

Check in often, though, for another FourSquare user can accrue more points and earn the mayoral title.


Fring is an iOS app that specializes in group interaction. Enjoy group video chats, voice and text chats with not just one or two people on your contact list but of a number of them. Stretch the boundaries with Fring.

 iCall Free VoIP

Gaining on Skype is iCall Free VoIP, primarily because of its call rate, for it's often cheaper than Skype: You pay nothing to use the app to call a land line, whereas, Skype charges for earth-bound contact.

The app also offers communications options via Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, XMPP and more.

Note: Many of these apps also operate on iOS mobile phones, as well as on iPads. Some even work on iPods.

Written by Jaye Ryan, a freelance author who likes writing about mobile devices and apps for