The Benefits Of Installing A Geothermal Heat Pump In Your HomeIf you are troubled every time you look at your utility bills, there are a number of green solutions that you might want to look at. One of the most popular choices for homeowners is the geothermal heat pump system. A geothermal heat pump system uses heat from the ground to heat your home. If you are thinking about getting one of them, here are a few benefits that you might want to take into consideration.

Quick Payoff

One of the big advantages of a geothermal heat pump system is that it has a relatively quick payoff. The payoff is measured in how long it takes for the utility bill savings to add up to the cost of the system. For many homeowners, the payoff averages around five years. This means that after that five year period, you will basically be getting free heat for your home.

Tax Incentives

Another benefit that comes with using geothermal heat is the tax incentives that you can realize. When you pay for a geothermal heat pump system, you can get a 30% federal tax credit. This tax credit is based on 30% of the total cost of the system. You can use the tax credit all in one year if you need it all, or you can spread it out over multiple years, depending on your situation.


When you get a geothermal heat pump, you will be able to benefit from the consistency that comes with your utility bills. Over time, utility bills tend to increase. When you rely on the ground to heat your home, you won't have to worry about rising prices. You will still have to pay for the electricity that is needed to run your system, which could increase in price. However, the cost for the heat itself should not go up. This means that you can budget with a little bit more certainty for the coming years.

Easy to Retrofit

Another benefit that comes with geothermal heat is that it is relatively simple to retrofit to your house. You will not have to change all of the duct work out of the house or anything major. The contractor will have to dig some trenches to run the lines, however, you shouldn't have to do a ton of work to the interior of the house.

Extremely Reliable

Since there aren't a lot of components involved, geothermal heat is very reliable. These systems have been known to last for anywhere from 20 to 50 years, depending on the circumstances.

With these benefits, geothermal heat definitely makes a lot of sense. If you have the money to get a system, it can start saving you money almost right away in your home.

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