Truths and Rumors In the New Age of SEOThanks to a series of Google algorithm updates, the SEO industry is in a complete state of disarray. That’s not to say that every SEO firm, every SEO reseller, every SEO provider is flailing about, trying to figure out what to do. Many have adapted and changed course as necessary. BUT, many SEO providers are so busy selling SEO and managing the intense day-to-day tasks required to earn and maintain good search rankings, they simply don’t have the time to learn about the latest Google updates. Never mind trying to figure out how to change course! Selling SEO services is a full time job. There’s not much time for anything else.

The safest bet for a stressed out SEO provider is to outsource SEO to a reputable SEO reseller program. In addition to providing sales support for the SEO reseller and services for the SEO reseller’s clients, a solid SEO reseller program makes it a priority to be aware of every algorithm update, every new online marketing platform, everything that can make a positive or negative impact on a client’s campaign. It’s important to note that SEO resellers and their clients should be fully aware of the tactics that are in play for their campaigns and they must feel comfortable with the content writing and link building operations. SEO resellers and their clients must demand access to a dashboard where they can view campaign data, keyword rankings, content, verified links, web and phone call leads, sales, conversion costs and workflow. Transparency and accountability are essential.

SEO has changed since the big Google updates, Panda, and Penguin. But some things have stayed the same! So it’s very important to know where things stand in this new age of SEO. SEO resellers are frequently asked whether these declarations are truth or rumor:

SEO is Dead

Nonsense! Definitely a rumor. Backlinks are still absolutely essential for good rankings. This rumor was out there long before Panda and Penguin and no doubt, it will persist. You’d be hard pressed to find a reputable SEO provider or SEO reseller who would tell you that backlinks are no longer necessary.

Content marketing is the New SEO

Truth, but link building is part of content marketing. Content marketing involves writing high quality, keyword rich content that is relevant to your business. If an SEO reseller has been hired for this task, make sure the article is well researched and edited by a skilled professional. Relevant, educational, informative, interesting content is what Google wants and SEO resellers who provide such content are clearly following Google’s guidelines.

Co-citation is Out

Rumor. When you get a link on a site that also has a link to an authority website, you benefit from that connection. That’s called co-citation or co-citation SEO. Google has not phased co-citation out of the algorithm. An SEO reseller that is mindful of co-citation is surely doing all it can to build the strongest links and improve search rankings. Co-citation seems to have been forgotten by many in the SEO reseller business.

More is Better

Adding other online marketing campaigns, such as pay-per-click advertising (Google Adwords) social media campaigns (Twitter, Facebook) and email marketing help to diversify, strengthen and expand your online footprint. Truth! For sure. A solid SEO reseller program will offer a full range of online marketing services. If cost is a concern, email marketing is fairly easy to accomplish on a limited budged.

Website Content Doesn’t Matter

Rumor. Who started that one?! Your onsite content must be relevant, informative, interesting and engaging and you should definitely have a blog on your website. Don’t forget that onsite and offsite SEO both impact your rankings. A diligent SEO reseller will make sure you are doing both onsite and offsite SEO.

SEO is a dynamic and complicated business. That is the truth! There’s much SEO information to be found on the Internet but not all is to be believed. When in doubt, ask an SEO reseller for guidance and advice or check out sources like