The many and varied benefits of web technologiesThe development of web technologies has progressed at an exponential rate over the past 15 years that means more people than ever not only have access to the internet, but have totally new and different ways of to engage and use it.

Businesses have seen a major shift in the way they interact with customers and sell their products and services with some of the benefits from having even a simple website can be seen almost immediately.

You no longer need to restrict your business hours to 9 to 5 to be available. Information and access to your business is available on the web 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Also location doesn’t have to be restricted. With the development of mobile technology, Smartphone’s and tablet computers; access to the internet can be reached from almost anywhere in the world and in an instant. Gone are the days when a hefty desktop had to be plugged in to a phone line and the internet dialled up and with unreliable connectivity.

One of the main benefits for small to medium sized businesses is that the internet provides a level playing field in how you and your business can be perceived. The user or potential client doesn’t know that its just one person sat at their kitchen table, if the website looks professional and clean you can stand among the shoulders giants pretending to be a large corporate company, adding to the marketability of yourself.

Two of the main web technologies that have come to the forefront are the emergence of social media and mobile technology.

Social media sites are now fundamental ways in which people are communicating, and are shaping how relationships and even language is being shaped globally. Friends can now be people who you have never met before. Everyone can now comment and have an opinion on anything, and have their voice heard. Its no longer the media who holds all the power. Whether or not this is positive or negative thing is also open to discussion, but what is not open to debate is the major change and effect it is having on world culture.

Mobile technology has changed not only the way in which people communicate but how we live our lives. Mobile phones and tablet computers encompass a whole range of products – phone, camera, laptop and now with applications, an endless possibility of information. Such a portable availability to the internet has been significant not just as a platform to social media and a way as accessing websites, news or any type of information, but the fact that the devices are portable and connecting to the internet has changed social interaction itself. Yes the social media sites are what people are looking at, but on a laptop and desktop they are still limited to some locations. These devices mean people can use them anytime, anywhere, in an increasing number of cases are being used all the time, everywhere. Again, these social and cultural issues, as with the social media sites are causing many debates.

At the moment keeping up to date with the development of web technology is difficult enough, both socially and from a business perspective, but if it continues at the same rate it will be a very interesting next 15 years.

Author Bio: Jess Collins can be found blogging on the topics of online marketing, social media and search engine optimization as well as on general tech trends as the resident blogger for Dialup247.