Styling Up Your Laundry RoomAs I painted my laundry room walls a sunny yellow, my wife just shook her head. “Why do you want to put this much effort into a room where I do chores?” she asked.

I told her, “It’s because those chores take so much time! you'll spend hours every week in this room, so I want it to be pretty.” I then reminded her of the care she had taken with my home office – where I work. She then understood the need for a convenient, pleasing work space.


Your laundry room needs to fulfill your need for utility. Some people purchase stacking washer/dryer sets. This frees up some of your floor space. But there are other things you can do to style up your laundry room. One thing I did was install victorian clothes airer, these things are great and have a really rustic design, you could even do this with a shower curtain rod! This is a great way to hang clothes fresh out of the dryer. A pulley clothes airer would allow you to raise it out of the way to the ceiling when not in use, or with a curtain rod you could just take the rod down when you put the laundry away, then you don’t have a bulky clothes rack in the way. The shower curtain rods can be decorative, and they are tension rods, which makes it easy to put up and take down. The laundry room is only 6 feet wide, so the rod could work quite well.

Another great invention is the ironing board rack. This is an item I bought at the local discount store. You hang it on the wall, and it has hooks on the bottom that will hold your ironing board, with a bracket that holds your iron. The whole assembly fits beside my dryer, taking up NO floor space. It also keeps the ironing board from falling over and hitting anything in its path.


My wife is quite short, so it’s not very handy for her to reach over the washer or dryer to the cabinets above. I can’t keep the detergents and softeners up there. So, since she uses powdered laundry detergent (and she makes her own, by the way), I purchased a glass container at a home décor shop. This is actually a 4 gallon jar intended to disperse beverages. She can then use it to store her detergent. It looks really nice sitting on the shelf, and she can reach it easily.

She uses dryer sheets in addition to softener in the detergent. I bought a tissue dispenser, and keep the dryer sheets in the dispenser. It looks nicer than the box of dryer sheets.


I have yellows and greens throughout my house, so painting the walls a sunny yellow fit right in. My wife also had some collectibles that she didn’t want to get rid of when we changed our décor from Country Farm to Modern Victorian. My wife's black and white cow folk art items were special to her, so the laundry room is their home now. It looks really pretty in there, with her black and white cow wall hangings on the yellow walls.

Pretty décor and useful organization have made my wife's laundry room much more pleasant. While I still don’t enjoy doing laundry, I can enjoy my nice little room.

Josh Andrews loves to keep his home and garden in great condition. When he isn't touching up paintwork or re-decorating a room you can usually find him purchasing interesting items like the Clothesmaid a marvelous victorian styled pulley clothes airer.