iPhone 5S iPhone 6 SpecificationsWith the rumours mounting about the release of the new iPhone 5s, the proposed specifications and differences are starting to be predicted.

If the rumours from the experts on internet forums and Apple events are to be believed, the new Apple iPhone 5S is set to be released later this year with most people guessing some time towards the middle of the summer.

This will be the next in a line of iPhone models with the most recent being the iPhone 5 which replaced the iPhone 4s in October of 2012.

The new device will either be called the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 5S but looking at the way Apple have released these devices in the past, the likelihood is that it will be called the iPhone 5S. In this post we will be making some comparisons between the existing iPhone 5 and the rumoured specifications of the iPhone 5S or 6.

One problem that Apple has been seeing recently is that there is a surge of releases of competitor products to the iPhone 5. The obvious device that springs to mind would be the Samsung Galaxy S3 but Blackberry have also recently their new Z10 each having similar performance and specification to the iPhone 5 but with significant differences in price. Some of the Android devices out there currently have 13mp cameras with larger 1080p displays and quad core processors so Apple really need to be on the top of their game with their new device and Apple fans are on the edge of their seat waiting to see what they may have come up with. The true Apple fan does not like to be “Top Trumped” by a cheaper model.

So here is a breakdown of the rumoured features.


As most enthusiasts already know, the iPhone 5 is furnished with the Apple A6 chip set. It has 1GB RAM and 16GB/32GB/64GB internal memory.

If you are to listen to the rumours and look at other Apple products, the likelihood is that the new iPhone will have a more powerful chip such as the Apple A6X or A7. The phone will most likely have a larger 128GB of storage with 2GB of RAM. This larger storage has already been tested on the new iPad with a select group of customers so it is definitely something Apple have already done.


The current iPhone 5 has an 8MP camera on the reverse of the device with a lesser quality front facing camera. The camera is a vast improvement on the earlier iPhones and the video camera is also great capturing at 1080P. If the new device is to keep up with the rival Android devices, it will need to have at least a 13MP camera on the rear.  In order to vie with the new generations of Android phones, Apple should set up a 13MP or larger camera with its new handset. The Panorama mode on the current device was a nice feature but it is essential that the new device has more… much more than this with photo effects and other novel features.


The display on the current iPhone 5 is 4 inch. Up until the launch of the current model, the others have all had a 3.5-inch display. It is rumoured that Apple would stick with this screen size for the new model. It is also rumoured that the general look and feel of the device will also remain the same as it did when the 4S superseded the iPhone 4. This means all the current iPhone 5 cases will still interwork.

There is also another school of thought that suggests the new phone could have a 4.5 or even 5 inch display. The thoughts behind these rumours is that they will need to offer a larger screen to keep up with the Android phones but some people think the Android devices with larger screens are too cumbersome which is why it is more likely Apple will keep the same size on the 5S as they have on the 5.

Target Customers

There is always a huge amount of hype before Apple releases any new product. The new iPhone is no different. There will be queues at the door of every Apple store with loads of videos and forum posts bubbling in the lead up. In this way the target audience for the new device is no different from any other previous model.

It would therefore be a good idea for Apple to target some new customers as well. The obvious target would be the current lovers of the Android or Blackberry devices. I am not sure how they could do this but if there is one thing you can say about Apple, it is that they know how to market their products.


The thoughts are that Apple would hold the current price bandings when they launch the new device. If they do indeed also launch a 128MB model, this may be more expensive but I would think they would match this models price with the current 64GB price and no loner offer the 8GB iPhone which fills up very quickly when one starts to download Apps etc.

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