Building A Custom Home: How To Make The DecisionsHaving a custom home built is not the easiest thing you'll ever do. There will be a lot of people to talk to, and a lot of decisions to make. Many home builders don't realize just how many decisions there are to make, and will become overwhelmed and push dates further and further back until the whole project is delayed by several months while they make decisions. Whether you're doing things primarily on your own or hiring someone to manage the project for you, it's a really smart idea to make as many decisions before hand as possible.

There are many tools you can use for making your decisions. Websites like Pinterest, Houzz, and HGTV are full of design ideas for your new home. Start finding ideas that you like and are actually relevant to the new home that you're building, and use them to make decisions. Use the following as a decision-making checklist for your new home, and make them as soon as possible to keep your project on time. Make a timeline for youself for when decisions need to be made by.

Outside Finishes

Curb appeal is a huge aspect of a new home, not only for reselling purposes, but because you want your home to look beautiful on both the outside and the inside. Find a design software or contractor of some sort who has a program where you can design your new home in 3D and choose which finishes and colors to use on the outside. Pick out which materials are aesthetically pleasing, but are also built to last. You'd be surprised how many choices there are for things like brick, wood finishes, shingles, and siding and roof colors and styles.

Paint/Wallpaper Colors

If you think deciding on a color for one room is hard, just imagine deciding for every room! Decide color schemes for bedrooms and living spaces, the kitchen backsplash, accent walls, and borders. Unless you're buying all new furniture, make sure to match color schemes of existing furniture, other furnishings like lamps and tables, and art pieces. If you're having problems deciding, go with something neutral that you can paint over or jazz up in the future if you'd like.

Light Fixtures

There are many, many different styles of light fixtures for everything from dining room chandeliers to kitchen recess lighting to bathroom light fixtures. Take into account each and every spot where you'll have to mount a light fixture, and decide what styles you'd like - even for the plain fixtures in hallways. That way, you'll be able to add other design elements, colors, and furnishings that go well with your light fixtures.


Flooring is an extremely important part of your decision process. Flooring can be what really gives rooms different feels. Do you want carpet, or hardwood? Are you ok with laminate to save money? What color and style of tiles do you want in the bathroom? It's important to match flooring color with wall color choices. You wouldn't want bold blue carpet in a room with bold red walls! Pick materials that will last and complement the overall design styles of your home.


Cabinetry is a very big decision. It can give rooms completely different feels, depending on the colors and styles that you choose. The kitchen, is, of course, the main room that you choose cabinets for. The kitchen is probably one of the most fun rooms to design and choose for! But don't forget, there are also possibly cabinets in bathrooms and the laundry room. Think about how much storage you need in those areas, and which cabinet designs will look and feel the best for each area.

Doors & Hardware

It's surprising that there are so many choices for something as simples as drawer and cabinet pulls, but there are. After you've chosen your cabinetry, choose a hardware finish to match. For instance, if you've chosen dark brown cabinets, a lighter chrome finish might look really great. Also consider interior door styles and doorknobs. Don't get overwhelmed by how many doorknob choices there are - just pick something that catches your eye!

Joli D. writes for Quarrix Building Products, providing roofing products like ridge vents, soffit vents, composite tile, and other roofing accessories to contractors and homeowners everywhere.