8 Useful Tips To Turbocharge Your Gmail ExperienceGmail is one of the best and popular e-mail services available in the Internet, and it continues to be so today. As people continue to use Gmail, Google continues to improve on it, providing new features to keep its user base happy and impressed. This article will serve two purposes: to show off some of the new features of Gmail that you can use and to show how these new features can enhance your Gmail experience. That said, here are 8 useful tips you can follow to turbocharge your Gmail experience.

  1. Use the Mute function

The Mute button is now found in the inbox of your Gmail. With this button, you can now ignore any message threads you don’t want to participate in anymore and store them in the archives.

  1. Selectively quote in replies

Selective quoting is another useful feature. It allows you to quote a specific part of the e-mail you are replying to, showing only the part you quoted in the e-mail. This greatly shortens your e-mail and helps the other party understand which part you are mentioning.

  1. Use the gems in Labs

Gmail Labs houses a list of interesting new features you can enable or disable, which is found in the Settings tab of Gmail. This list will most likely contain something you can use and is always constantly updating, so be sure to keep an eye on this list to know what new things have been added.

  1. Search Gmail like a pro

As expected of Google, Gmail utilizes a search function that lets you search through your e-mail, easily organizing your Inbox and filtering all the unneeded e-mails, making searching for the e-mail you need very quickly.

  1. Use account activity

One of Gmail’s more unknown features is the account activity link, accessed at the bottom right corner of the Gmail interface, but a very useful feature nonetheless. It shows all of your active sessions, as well as allowing you to sign out of them. Useful for when you accidentally forget to log out at home and decide to access Gmail from somewhere else.

  1. Use Off the record

A feature that has been around for so long, yet manages to be more unknown than most people realize. It’s a feature that prevents from saving the history of your Gmail chat, making all Gmail chats start fresh.

  1. Quickly paste unformatted text

Yet another useful feature, solving the many problems of copy-pasting sentences. Normally, when you copy and paste something from the Internet or Microsoft Word, it saves the font, font size and format. With this feature, you can press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste what you copied, unformatted.

  1. Increased Undo time

The last one in this list, and perhaps the one feature you would love to have always on. After enabling this feature in Gmail Labs, the Undo Send link appears after sending an e-mail, allowing you to stop the e-mail from going out after you send it. Furthermore, go to Settings, then General, then under Undo Send, you can increase the time for the Undo Send link to appear after the e-mail is sent. Very useful for when you accidentally send an e-mail to someone else or realize a mistake in the e-mail.

And this is the list of 8 useful tips on how to turbocharge your Gmail experience. Now that you know more about the newer features of Gmail you probably never realized were there, using Gmail should be much more fun and convenient.

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