The Science of Christmas treeWe all love holidays. Christmas is absolutely the best holiday in the whole year. During the Christmas holidays we can do a lot of things. We can travel and visit some Christmas hideaways; we can visit our friends or spend the holidays together with our relatives. Of course, as most of the people, we can simply stay at home and spend our Christmas days with our closest family members.

One of the most interesting and funniest things about the Christmas is Christmas trees. This is the great fun for all family, but the happiest are the smallest members of our family. Kids love everything about the Christmas tree. They love to set it up, they love to play around and they also love to check is there are any presents under the tree.

If you have an old Christmas tree there are few things we need to do. First we need to find where it is. Many people after the Christmas simply pack their Christmas tree and stash it away in the most deserted place in their home. Personally I keep my Christmas tree in my basement and many people are keeping in the garage.

If you also keep your tree in some hidden corner, find it and inspect the condition of the tree. Although it is made from artificial materials like PWC or other type of plastic and it is not damaged by the time, dust and mold, there is a big chance your tree is covered with a home dust, mold and other unpleasant things. If this is the case you can wash it thoroughly with some water and mild detergent in your yard, driveway or even in your bathtub in the bathroom.

After you are positive that your old Christmas tree is clean, you can dry it with a hairdryer. When you do this change warm air with cold and keep the hairdryer 20 to 25 inches from the tree. Heat can melt the tree so be careful. If you live this job to your children be there to supervise the job.

When it is dry you can place your tree on the location. If this is some corner in your house, you do not need to decorate all sides. The side which is facing the wall can be without or with less decoration than the side which is facing the room. Today there is abundance of cheap Christmas decorations. You can buy the whole bunch of things for your Christmas three for less than 20 dollars.

If by any case you do not have a Christmas tree, this can be a chance for even bigger fun. Today artificial Christmas trees are coming in all sizes and you can even choose a color. Now do not get me wrong, probably you cannot choose a Christmas tree in yellow, bright red or blue color, but green, black and silver Christmas trees are not uncommon. The novelty Christmas trees like led Christmas trees are also available for the busy people who do not have time for decorations. They are very popular with companies who would like to have some Christmas spirit in their business premises but do not have time to spend a few hours decorating.

Hope we brought some useful, fun and informational tips about the Christmas trees. Now you just need to choose the right size and type for your home or offices and have a real Christmas spirit around you. I wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Author bio: Igor Gjurovski is content marketing professional. He loves to read and write about business, automotive industry, real and digital ecosystems, green projects and modern homes. He likes to visit places and meet people from all over the world. You can contact him at Gjurovski[at]