Will 2013 Mark The Death of The WebsiteIt’s difficult to fathom what the web is going to look like in 10 years. When you look at the growth during the last decade, only one thing is certain. Change is inevitable.

The only question is, what type of change is going to occur? Will website even exist in 10 years? Will all online content be video? These are some questions that I will explore in this article.

The Growth Of The Web

In 2003, Yahoo, the largest search engine in the world, never thought they would see the day when an upcoming competitor would take 80% of the search market within just a few years. Yet that is exactly what Google did.

Their unique approach to search and their incredible determination led to the creation of the most popular search engine in the world today. But Google’s lust for online dominance didn’t stop there.

In 2005, Google acquired YouTube for $1.6 billion. At the time of this acquisition, it was thought to be a very bold move. YouTube was just the site where regular people upload random videos. There was no commercial intent on the site at all. The only thing that YouTube had going for it was traffic. And lots of it.

Looking back, Google made a very smart move. Not only is YouTube the third most visited website in the world, but also in just the past few years, video advertising alone has surpassed the price at which Google bought YouTube. In fact, just last year in 2012, video advertising reaching all-time high of $2.9 billion. This is a whopping 23% of total display media in 2012.

This leads to a scary thought. Will 2013 mark the begin of a slow death of the traditional website? With a 26% growth rate of online video and a projected $9 billion has been by 2017, it’s a question that must be explored.

While websites may not die out completely this year, their use as a marketing medium maybe begin to noticeably decline. Think it’s a far-fetched projection? Take a look at the statistics:

  • As of now, 56% of ALL web traffic is online video
  • 50% of Tablet users watch online video
  • Surveys among marketers show that online video can increase conversion rates by as much as 200-300%
  • Other studies show that customers are much more likely to remember the name of the product and end up purchasing it if they see it in a video instead of a text website.
  • Having a video on your website can increase the average time your visitors spend on your site by up to 2 minutes

The writing on the wall is clear. Traditional websites are in decline. Video is on the rise. Whether or not websites will completely die out is a question that we cannot definitively answer. Just like a tsunami, the only thing we can do is pay attention to where it’s heading and prepare for it’s impact. At this moment, that tsunami is online video. It’s heading in our direction and it’s only speeding up. The only question is, are you prepared?

Author Bio. Steve Goldberg is an online video enthusiast and freelance blogger. Learn more about him at his website: http://www.easyvideosuitereviewbonus.com