What Mobile POS Could Mean For Your RestaurantWalk into any trendy burger joint these days and you might think you wandered into the Apple store by accident. The latest restaurant trend is making the ordering and payment process easier than ever by equipping servers with mobile POS systems. Mobile POS systems are hand-held devices equipped with credit card readers that allow your servers to be mobile when accepting payments and taking orders.

But, like every new and evolving technology, you have to consider how it could in fact benefit your business.

Less Cash and Paper

As essential as cash is in our society, it is quickly being replaced by plastic. With 20 billion credit card transactions taking place each year (2011 Nilson Report), if your restaurant isn’t taking credit cards, you could be missing out on a huge customer pool.

Yet, traditional POS systems are large and expensive, and are usually limited to one or two per business. Mobile POS systems allow you to process credit cards without your servers having to share one system.

  • Carrying cash is more of a risk than dealing with credit cards. The more cash you have lying around your restaurant, the more liable you are to theft.
  • Mobile POS systems feature the option to email receipts to customers instead of printing them out. This will cut back on paper costs and help reduce waste.

Improved Customer Service

No one wants cranky customers coming to eat after waiting an hour in line, much less another 10 minutes after the meal for their card to be processed. Mobile POS systems drastically cut down on customer wait time, both before and after the meal.

  • Reservation lists can be incorporated on a mobile POS, making scheduling and party-planning easier than ever, all while reducing the risk of miscommunication between the party and restaurant.
  • Orders can be sent directly to the kitchen from the server’s mobile POS, eliminating the space between ordering and sending it to the kitchen.
  • Check out is more efficient than ever. Servers may simply swipe the credit card orders at the table and allow customers to sign with their finger on the tablet.

Increased Sales

Incorporating mobile POS systems into your restaurant will likely lead to an increase in the number of sales you make. Because the ordering process will be more efficient, you’ll be able to seat more customers in less time, and continue to build your reputation as a great restaurant to visit.

  • Mobile POS systems don’t have to be inside your restaurant to function. They are extremely useful at festivals or events, allowing you to make sales anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet connection.
  • Mobile POS systems in your restaurant will also allow you maximize the floor space in your restaurant to accommodate more customers.

The benefits of using mobile POS systems in your restaurant goes far beyond sporting a techno-chic façade- they can actually improve the quality of your customer service and keep your restaurant running efficiently. The restaurant business is all about keeping customers happy and fed, and mobile POS can help take your business to the next level, allowing you to deliver on that and so much more.

Kate Webster writes for lead generation resource, ResourceNation.com. She focuses on a variety of topics including business technology. Follow Resource Nation on Facebook and Twitter, too!