Google Panda, Release 2.5Google updates its algorithm re-releasing the update Panda 2.5. Leaked information about the first overt consequences.

Google Panda has come in recent days to version 2.5. This is the umpteenth iteration of the algorithm of Google, something that promises to put the engine up every single day with continuing to make changes so that you may derive from the search engine the best possible experience. The new release was reported earlier this week and after a few days immediately began to pour on the sites remaining in the net impact of the update.

Google not leaked anything about the nature of the update and is therefore not possible to assess objectively the goodness and the characteristics of the new algorithm. All that is possible to analyze only the combination of consequences that the update has shown since the beginning of business hours. The data available are those SearchMetrics, who, with a particular SEO Visibility analysis on a sample set of keys highlighted winners and losers of the last update.
PRNewswire, TheNextWeb and are among the most adversely affected, With a real crash in terms of visibility on the search engine.

YouTube, Zappos, PerezHilton, WSJ, Washingtop Post and Fox News are instead among the winners an increase of visibility in the double digits within a few days. The data are currently limited to the U.S. actually, but probably will soon be available across Europe (still to be interpreted only from the perspective of the general trend since the data is obtained and there is no way to trace the source of the algorithm to snatch the ‘essence more authentic).

Panda 2.5 Google has immediately sparked public debate about what you can steal from happening, because the SEO work in this phase requires the reconsideration of old rules to measure how Google wanted to intervene in the criminalization of sunken sites. The iteration does not leave any truth, however, leaked at the time: what is known is the fact that Panda 2.5 has been around and then actually online administrators must provide a greater commitment to analysis to understand how and whether it is possible to improve their pages for the purposes of impact with the eye of the search engine market leader.

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