Tools To Track Social Media SuccessYou've launched your social media campaign across a variety of platforms. Click-through rates are starting to accelerate and sales have gradually increased since your campaign began. Coincidence? Or is your social media campaign working?

In 2013, it's no longer necessary to live in the dark when it comes to social media marketing. Analytics are no longer for websites and blogs anymore. Almost every major social media site has analytics in place, many of which are easily affordable to the budget-challenged business. Some are even free.

While analytics aren't necessary, the tools can be invaluable to your marketing efforts. The information you gain from these reports can help you redirect your efforts to the most productive channels, which saves you time and increases your success. Here are some great social media tools that can keep you up-to-date on how well your campaigns are working.

Facebook Insights

The most popular social networking site has analytics tools geared toward helping businesses learn more about their fan pages. Facebook Insights help users keep up with how many facebook likes and fans a page has, as well as the number of people talking about a particular page. All of this information culminates in a figure that tells a Page owner the overall reach of that page.

To access Insights, choose the drop-down box next to the settings wheel at the top of your Facebook page. Choose View Insights. Insights will only appear on Facebook Pages once a page has more than 30 likes, so if your page doesn't have Insights yet, keep trying.


Aggregate sites save businesses time. Instead of comparing several different social media sites' analytics, users can go to one place and compare and contrast results from different pages at once. Crowdbooster is a favorite because it provides data from Facebook and Twitter accounts in one place. Users can measure the sites against each other and determine where efforts might need to be increased.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics now has social media tools that can provide standard reporting or customized reports that measure Google Plus and Facebook performance. Reports include data on conversions and social sources, with the latter helping marketers determine where their time can most effectively be spent. While social metrics aren't the main purpose of Google Analytics, current users or those who are simply comfortable with the interface may choose to stick with this service over trying out one of the others.

For those looking for an overview of their social media activity, Kred can give a unique view. One of the best things about Kred is that users can not only get an overview of their own social media activity, but they can go through an overview of someone else's social media activity, as well. Kred also tracks what people are saying about certain books, TV shows, events, and more, giving social media users a useful way to see what is popular with social media users at any given time.

There are many other useful social media analytics tools available. The key is to research a few and find the one that works best for you. But one thing is for certain-analytics are necessary for the success of any marketing campaign. The best way to determine what to do next is to learn what is currently working and what has worked in the past. This knowledge will arm you with what it takes to succeed in the future.

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