Step By Step Guide to Make a Proper Marketing Research ReportsFor newly marketing professionals and managers, it is often difficult to make the standard and proper structure of marketing research reports. From the number of marketing research paper writing and marketing reports, it has been extracted that the following structure and writing tips have to be followed by marketing professionals, marketers, or marketing managers. Thus, they are able to produce effective marketing reports, which will not only help them in obtaining career goals but also enhance the image of certain organization within market.

Step 1: Create Report Title

Initially, you need to create title page for the report in fully professional manner by including following information:

  • Client  name
  • Business name
  • Author name
  • Date

Step 2: Create Table of Content

After above, you have to create table of content for report so that readers can easily access to their desired information. It should display following information:

  • Main Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Accurate Page Number of both main and sub heading  

Step 3: Leave Page for Executive Summary

In next step, you have to leave a page for executive summary and fill it once you are done with overall report since it is a part that provides explanation of overall report. Therefore, it is more appropriate to do in the end.

Step 4: Write the Introduction of Entire Report

You must start your report writing from introduction section by incorporating following elements:

  • Background information
  • Problem statement
  • Overview of overall marketing plan
  • Key research objectives
  • Justifications of research

Step 5: Compose Body Part of Marketing Research Report

When it comes to write body section of marketing research report, it must be divided into following sub sections:

  • Write Qualitative Research Section

This must consist of all information relating to focus group of the research along with explanation regarding need of research. Besides, it should include:

  • Overview and significance of research issues
  • Description of research participants
  • Discussion over collected information
  • Conclusions based on gathered data and research
  • Write Survey Research Section

After that, you have to write detailed survey research section that should include information such as:

  • Questions used in surveys
  • Information about the group, who took research surveys
  • Answers to the survey questions and its influence on business
  • Write Data Analysis Section

In data analysis section, you must provide information such as:

  • Overview of data analysis methods and justification
  • Outcomes obtained from chosen analysis methods
  • Significance of outcomes
  • Writing Findings Section

This should present the actual research results by incorporating following information:

  • Findings based on research results not speculation
  • Detailed explanation and clear presentation of findings

Step 5: Summarize Overall Report in Conclusion

The conclusion should wrap-up overall report by covering key findings of the research along with its research goals.

Step 6: Provide Recommendation

Based on the research finding and problem, you have to provide recommendation regarding making research better in future and improve the performance of business in market.

Step 7: Provide References or Bibliography

At last, you have to provide reference that you used in the report to access the information and collecting material.

Step 8: Include Appendices

At the end of the report, you can include appendix by incorporating all relevant information that you consider important.  

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