How Will HTML5 Influence WordPress Themes in 2013HTML5 has continued to receive a lot of attention since the middle of 2010. And while some skeptics thought that attention would fade away, not only has it increased, but it looks like it will only continue to increase for the foreseeable future. The big reason for the ever increasing focus on HTML5 is in addition to the majority of desktop browsers offering at least some form of support, recent projections state that one billion phones with HTML5 support will be sold during 2013. 

Because of its massive presence on both desktops and mobile, this standard is going to exert a significant influence on existing areas of development like WordPress themes. Let's take a look at the specific ways HTML5 is most likely to influence WordPress themes throughout the course of this year: 

Bringing Simplicity Back to Themes: Although WordPress theme development is still a fairly young sector in the big scheme of the tech world, the prevalence of the WP platform has caused it to progress very quickly. While progress is always good, one of the side effects in this particular instance was that it caused many theme developers to start jamming as many options as possible into their themes. This resulted in themes that were more bloated and confusing than they needed to be. HTML5 should help to curb this mindset and bring a focus to the production of themes that are designed around specific sets of features. 

Blank HTML5 Themes as Building Blocks: Twitter Bootstrap has not only been downloaded and used a ton, but it has influenced many design trends. While people within the tech community constantly complain about too many sites using Bootstrap without significant customizations, this truth is that to the average Internet user, this type of clean and simple design provides a much better experience than most. It's likely that one or more HTML5 WordPress themes that are pretty much bare or blank will have the same type of impact on theme design and development. This also ties into the previous point of starting with a solid foundation and then focusing on something specific instead of trying to make one theme do everything possible. 

Making Single Page Websites More Dynamic: Anyone who has used WordPress during the past few years is well aware that this platform has evolved far beyond a blogging engine. While there will always be disagreements about whether or not WP is the best solution for specific use cases, it's likely to remain just as popular with businesses and individuals who just need a single page site or landing page. And now with the abilities of HTML5 brought into the mix, these simple sites will be able to become even more dynamic without adding any unwanted complexity. 

Now that I've shared my thoughts, I'm curious to hear what other ways you think HTML5 will influence WordPress themes during the next year?

John Wisenheimer is a bloggers that writes for Blue Whale Apps, which is a Iphone App development company with offices in NY and FL.