Targeted Traffic VS Random TrafficAs an article marketer we should be aware of the benefits you stand to reap from random traffic vs targeted traffic. The many significant advantages including added sales opportunities from interested visitors are great incentives for spreading your important information to a targeted niche demographic.

According to some self-professed Internet Marketing gurus targeted traffic can only be achieved through certain marketing means whereas, we propose that if used correctly almost any form of marketing can yield a healthy dose of targeted traffic. The same extends to article marketing, even more so.

At its core, article marketing is publishing valuable content for free. When people search for and come across some quality information, take the trouble of reading through the information provided and follow the link to your site; you know you have much greater possibilities of a sale, compared to a visitor who just happens to click a Banner Ad.

Article marketing is also on a way of branding yourself as an expert and recognition is another benefit of quality traffic. Targeted traffic also come from higher EO rankings, through the number of backlinks leading into your site from other websites.

Banner Ads or link farms often lead to dead end sales through random traffic that just does not convert. In essence, it is near to impossible to run great Internet marketing campaign without any article or content marketing.

Building Your Online Presence

Article marketing is also one of the cheapest and most effective ways to build credibility over the Internet.  Let’s face it, we like to buy from people we know and can trust. On the Internet this is not readily available option, you have to look for other ways to earn trust from your customers.

What article marketing does for your credibility and online presence is:

  • Free quality content builds you up as an expert in your niche. This makes you claim for the product/service more credible to the discerning customers.
  • When people read the quality of the content you provide for free they are bound to think that the paid product/service will be of the same high standard. Unlike, buying from an online vendor with no proof of quality.
  • The best way to reap the rewards of a great article marketing campaign is when other loyal followers start to endorse your content/product/services.
  • Content marketing is the most effective way of establishing yourself or your business as we all know brand adds value.
  • You have an edge over the competition, who might be offering the same product/service but are not trusted by the consumers.

There are million other benefits you can have of having a recognition and credibility to your name. So, invest a little to reap a lot!

Why Long Term Customers

This is the beauty of article marketing and it really puts it a peg above all other modes of online marketing. Customers that are directed to your web-properties through search engines, referrals or banner ads etc, are not as prone to being loyal to your business acumen as customers brought to the site through article marketing.

This loyal customer base leads in from the credibility built around you through article marketing, which establishes you as an expert in the field. Imagine, a customer reading an informative article that you wrote, and after reading the article were converted into clicking on following link to the originating website.

You Need to understand two important things here:-

Firstly, they are more likely to be converted into buying your product/services $ secondly, they are not interested in the product but the value adding content you provide.

Thus, they keep coming back to your latest updates and product releases in the industry.

If your article marketing is effective, in the sense that you keep up with the trends in the industry you are sure to build a following that is always comes to your first quality products/services.

Trickles in Traffic Effect

The thing you need to understand about SEO marketing is that the results are unpredictable and might not last. Search engines like to keep the competition on its tors by regularly tinkering with its algorithms to pick the top sites.

What this means, is that you can spend all the money in the world on a great SEO campaign but there are no guarantees that your site will stay at the top positions it has acquired with so much effort. In short, there is no longevity to the campaign.

On the other hand, in article marketing your content is published on well-known article directories for users to find. Your content may not be as valuable when you first publish it but even years later. So as long as the subject is alive there will be an interest in your article and thus the trickle-down effect of article marketing.

The traffic does not have a “boom” period and then dies off; it keeps in bringing new, valuable customers.

Author info:  Ng Pillai is the founder of He has more than 6 years of experience in Internet Marketing and Article Marketing. Helped many newbie online marketers to drive massive traffic to their website with proven strategies and tricks.