6 Unique Tips for Using Google+ for MarketingBy reading these six tips for using Google+ for marketing the hope is that you will then be able to really take advantage of a fantastic social network community and increase the amount of online exposure that you are currently getting. Google+ is an online network that is certainly making waves on the internet and if you are not on it, then you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity, so do read on to see how you can really take advantage of it.

1. Use Google+ hangout areas to increase brand awareness

It is certainly a good idea for you to spend more time on Google+ than you may originally think and the best place to spend your time are in the hangout areas. This will give you the perfect opportunity to talk to potential new customers as long as you spend the time finding out where they spend their time, so do your research and get chatting to them normally as they will undoubtedly then go and check out what you could potentially offer them and this may lead to them becoming a new customer.

 2. Use Google+ as your market research tool

No matter the size of your business everybody knows the importance of market research and Google+ can play an important role when it comes to learning what your customers like about you and also things that they would want to see changed. Set up alerts so that when somebody posts about something that is related to what you do you can then talk to them and do your research into what they expect and you can then start to create the perfect Google+ profile for your customers.

3. Make sure your profile is full of information and using images

Marketing on Google+ becomes a lot easier when your profile has a lot of information and photographs on it as this does attract people and they will then spend a lot of time reading about you and, hopefully, turn into a new customer. Do remember to use photographs in order to illustrate points or to promote services and products as images are seen as being more effective than words when it comes to capturing their attention.

4. Let the world know about your profile

Do make sure that you actively promote your profile away from the site itself as this is going to draw more people to it than you would achieve if it just involved people already on the network. People do this with their Facebook profile as well as Twitter so it does make perfect sense to also do it with Google+.

5. Never just post for the sake of it

One major thing that you should avoid is posting just for the sake of it as you need to make sure that everything you put on your profile is going to be useful to everybody that then reads it. By keeping it interesting, and keeping the boring stuff to a minimum, then people will be far more likely to follow you and you then have the chance to turn them into a customer. If you bore them in social networking circles, then it is a missed opportunity and the chances of them ever being a customer will be very slim indeed.

6. Use video to your advantage

Google loves video and through Google+ you can actually have live video stream where you can invite ten people to join you and this will then turn into a wonderful marketing opportunity as you can then really sell your business to them face to face and answer any questions that they may have. People are undoubtedly drawn to video and it is an extremely effective way of marketing that is simply not being used by that many people, so by being one of the first to do so you can stand out from the crowd and you will certainly then become memorable.

So these are the six tips for using Google+ for marketing and all that is left for you to do is to put them into action by setting up your profile and start marketing. This is a social network that is only going to grow due to it having the might of Google behind it and the chances are that your competition is going to be on there already, so can you afford to miss out when they are using it and stealing some of your limelight?

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