What to Expect from Windows 8?The fact that Windows is being used as operating system by about 80 to 90% of computer users cannot be denied. Of course, the biggest reason that Windows operating systems are being used around the world is because of their easy user interface, vast range of supporting hardware to choose from and a reasonable price. The Windows OS might not be the best operating systems in the market but they certainly the most exercised and preferred.

Microsoft released Windows 7 three years ago in 2009. In 2012, as of now, Microsoft Windows users await the release of Windows 8, an improved version of Windows 7, with anticipation. Windows 8 will be hitting the market in 2 months time and is already becoming a favorite topic to discus for tech savvy individuals. Microsoft decided to gift its users with this incredible new operating system only 3 years after the release of Windows 7. This new version will prove to be the operating system of the future. The enhanced design of Windows 8 is a blend of modern touch pad and traditional keyboard style. One major quality that separates Windows 8 from its predecessor, Windows 7, is the modern style User Interface of this operating system.

Computer users will get to enjoy a whole new experience of using Windows thanks to the touch friendly usage. However, the catch is that this new upcoming Windows Operating System is specifically and only designed to support touch based devices. This makes it evident that Windows 8 will take the tablet market by storm. The Advanced RISC Machines or ARM based smartphones and tables will be targeted by Windows 8. RISC is an acronym of Reduced Instruction Set Computing.

Since this Windows is designed specifically for touch based devices, so it has a very user-friendly and unique virtual keyboard option as well. Thus, Windows users can expect to have a marvelous experience once this new operating system is released. The options of choosing from a full keypad with convenient large keys or a thumb sized keypad are offered by Windows 8. Furthermore, word suggestions and a lot more are provided by this OS to the users so that typing mistakes can be avoided.

Windows 8 also makes the experience of the user even more wonderful because its booting time is more depreciated. Furthermore, users can load this latest version of the Windows from a USB or Universal Serial Bus device. Microsoft has termed this feature as "Windows to Go". Windows 8 is completely protected from malware such as root-kits, Trojans, viruses, and worms because it is preloaded with an upgraded version of the antivirus "Windows Defender". Thus, Windows users will be getting to enjoy error free experience once the begin using this operating system.

In comparison to Windows 7, Windows 8 is showing quite a lot of promise and great things can be expected once this updated operating system is finally released. Even users have strong expectations from this new Windows and satisfying these anticipating users is currently the biggest challenge for Microsoft as the date to launch date nears. Nonetheless, users already seem quite satisfied with what they have heard about Windows 8 and this OS will no doubt succeed to a great extent.