Social Networking Websites and their predictions for 2013The predictions of New Year start with the end of every year and people keep an eye on the upcoming trends which can affect their lives in one or the other way. Among the technological gadgets, jobs and fashion, social networking websites hold considerable importance because most of the people are inclined towards getting some new applications in this website. Whether people will continue using Facebook in 2013 or any other competing website can take over and develop a sound client base, what will be the future of Twitter or LinkedIn in 2013, these are the questions which comes to mind for every person and before the setting of the New Year, they must be answered.


It is expected that Facebook will be remained as the best social networking website. Various sources reveal that Facebook has lost its considerable portion of shares and market value in September 2012 however because of several strategies adopted by the firm’s administrator and developers, the customers are now satisfied with operations and the people are still making their social circles as strong as ever. Few issues that must be concerned about the management teams are regarding privacy. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by the online sources and despite of several efforts, some users still do not trust the privacy efforts of Facebook. It is expected that in the upcoming year of 2013, management will take into account this issue and will device permanent solution to the people’s needs.


There are several benefits announced by this platform to the people and organizations however it is expected that this platform will become property of media in 2013. The reason lies with its sources of revenues which are mostly the result of the placement of advertisements, celebrity comments and as a result of promotional campaigns. Most of the people only consider Twitter as a source of media and the way companies use for promoting their brands. For this reason, it is expected that in 2013, this platform will earn huge revenue only because of blessings of media.


This platform is known as a professional networking website as it facilitates the people in their job searching process. The relationships are established in this platform and people can easily get their desired jobs by establishing the links and inviting the professionals. In 2013, it is expected by the critics that LinkedIn will face fruitful results because in current age unemployment rate is very high and people are continuously looking for the solutions that are beneficial for them in terms of job searching. The success stories and LinkedIn successful operations in the latest years are the proof of the fact that this is another strongest platform that has the capability to attract maximum people.

Although there are several platforms available for social networking however the above mentioned sources will continue to be at the top of the list for the social networking website. In other words, the New Year will continue the social networking trends of previous years and people will be rapidly adopting them for catering their social needs.

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