How to Increase Media Coverage of Your Marketing CampaignMarketing may seem like something that you can do on your own, but it will definitely benefit you to get some help. Media coverage can be extremely beneficial for any business, as long as it's positive coverage. However, as a business you can't just expect the media to be interested in whatever you're doing. Here are three ways to get attention and positive coverage from the media.

Marketing for a Cause

Raising or giving money to a cause is a great way to gain positive attention from the media. This is an extremely easy way to promote your business while actually doing something good. Choose a cause that you care about, and that you will be proud to support, as this will show through in media coverage. If a business is doing something simply for the marketing potential, it can be very obvious and could result in negative coverage. Whether you're giving money to a cause or raising awareness, marketing for a cause is basically a guaranteed way to get media coverage.

Write Press Releases When It's Appropriate

A press release can work wonders when it comes to marketing, but you have to know what you're doing. Writing a press release takes time and skill, and the content needs to be engaging and well written. You also need to make sure what you're writing about is actually news. Don't write a press release every time you get a new product in stock. Instead, choose your topics wisely and focus on more general ideas so that you can show people how they will be personally affected by whatever you're doing.

Hire a Public Relations Manager

It can be hard to work with the media to promote your brand, as advertising is certainly not their job and they're looking for a story, not an ad. Hiring somebody to help you with public relations can be a great step, as long as you don't choose to hide behind them. Instead, try using public relations to find new avenues that will help you to reach people. Somebody who is experienced in public relations will know how to best approach the media about certain things, and they can handle when and how news should be released. If you're trying to increase media coverage of your business, these three tips can give you a great start. From marketing for a cause to hiring a public relations manager, you'll have the media in your business in no time!

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