iPhone 4S:SIRI Your wish is my command: 'whats the weather today?' 'Text my dad' , 'remind me to call my dentist'...... Sounds like a boss giving instruction to his personal assistant. The answer is both yes and No. Yes because he/she is giving instructions to his assistant. And no because the boss is you talking to your phone. Not only an iPhone but your electronic personal assistant. Sounds unreal? Maybe because you are used to disappointing voice recognizing devices, but welcome to a new world order. Its time you believe because: First we are talking about Apple; a company that's pride itself in making cool, polished and 'just working' gadgets. And second, Siri is not a new technology. It started its life as an experiment and has been available as a free application on apple phones since 2010.

Siri has moved a long way from being an inaccurate and incomplete iPhone application to this real amazing and easy to use voice commanded phone. Ask Siri to schedule a meeting, call anyone on your contacts, review the weather, and search for the nearest hotel or hospital. And not only does it understands, it also talks back in response.

Holding the home button on the new 4s iPhone activate the 'personal assistant' which allows you to issue commands in English, French and German. It understands your commands and responds back in a conversational style in both text and speech. It's like having a conversation with your iPhone.

The artificial intelligence integrated into the new 4s iPhone allows it not only understands you but its intelligent enough to be acquainted with what you mean. It is very proactive so it will ask question until finds out what you are looking for. The calendar application allows you to place appointments, re -schedule appointments and also delete obsolete appointments. The artificial intelligence best work in the weather forecast application. If asked on the day weather ; it first locates your current location and responds to tell you about the weather. It also can forecast the weather of another place far from where you are.

Place your schedule with Siri and consider it done. Siri uses all application on the iPhone 4s to search the web on anything you wish to find and responds immediately. It plays your favorite songs on your command. It schedules your meeting, show you direction, texts your contacts, place call, wake you up and even speak to itself. Even in a noisier environment, Siri still apprehend most of what you are saying. Though in a blatant background like in a moving car is less accurate and needs one to place it near ear.

The amazing fact about the new iPhone is the speed it opens the voice command application, in a couple of seconds unlike other iPhones which takes a long while. Siri has a more competent processor and and a better camera. One limitation of Siri is that it can be disappointing using it for the first time as it may not recognize your assent. All in all Siri is here to change totally how we interact with our iPhones.