Portable DVD PlayerIntroduction

A portable DVD player has become more and more of a must have in recent years, especially for families or travel frequently. The joy of being able to watch your favourite DVD wherever you are or the even bigger joy of a couple of hour’s peace from the children is something that is priceless. Of course, there are many different brands and features that can make choosing your portable DVD player difficult. Below is a list of the most important features to look for when purchasing this useful piece of equipment for you, or even as a gift.

 Important portable DVD player features 1: Memory card reader

If you are looking at purchasing a portable DVD player that will be used a lot of the time, then it is important to look for one that has a memory card reader. Unless you want to carry around a separate case full of DVDs then a memory card reader will be very useful on your new portable DVD player. Having this useful feature means that you can just plug in a memory card and watch films stored on there, as well as listening to MP3s and looking through pictures. A memory card reader turns your portable DVD player into a portable entertainment centre, ensuring that you can keep yourself, or the children occupied for many hours whilst travelling or on vacation.

Important portable DVD player features 2: Flip or swivel screen

There is nothing worse than being on a long car journey and not having anything to keep the children occupied, which is why a portable DVD player is a must have for any family. A feature which will make life so much easier is called the flip or swivel screen, which means that you can turn the screen in different directions. The problem with static screens is that you will find it hard to adjust for more than one person, a nightmare if you have three children in the back seat. With a flip or swivel screen on your portable DVD player then you can adjust it so that everyone has a good angle of the screen and can see as much of the film as possible. With arguments over who can see what now a thing of the past, thank to the swivel screen, you now just have to decide who gets to pick the first DVD!

Important portable DVD player features 3: Battery life

Last, but by no means least is quite possibly the most important feature to consider when buying a new portable DVD player. It may seem obvious to some, but you will be surprised at how many people pick a lot of features or something that is aesthetically pleasing over battery life. It is strongly suggested to find the portable DVD player that has the longest battery life, as well as a short time to charge up. If it only lasts two hours and you are planning a four hour road trip then the tantrums will begin only halfway through! Of course, if you are only stopping for an hour and it takes two hours to charge up then you are not going to be making the most of your battery life. Take a good look through all of the different manufacturers and ranges to see what offers the most features, or is the best looking, but with a strong battery life to match.


It is important to have features on your portable DVD player that will enhance your experience, such as the memory card reader. Spend time looking through pictures and listening to music as well as watching DVDs, instead of having to lug around an entire laptop.

Features such as the swivel, or flip, screen will ensure that everyone will have the perfect view at all times and avoid any of those temper tantrums. Lastly, the most important thing to look at is the battery life of your desired portable DVD player. It may look nice, sing, dance and be touch screen, but if it doesn't last long enough then it will be a waste of money.

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