Tips to Manage Better Twitter RelationshipsTwitter is proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools of today. Below are some of the reasons for Twitter’s popularity as the prime marketing of today;

  • It is free of charge. A marketer only needs to have a computer or any other device with internet connection and Twitter downloaded into it and the few minutes a day to manage and update the account.
  • Capable of global reach. It has the capacity to reach people from all over the world. A business can communicate directly to followers and consumers.
  • Real time updates. Communication is real time. Followers are able to read your updates as soon as you post them.

Management Tips of Business Twitter Accounts

Once you set up a Twitter business account, it will represent your business in the Twitter world. Thus, proper management is required if you are to take advantage of the Twitter platform. Furthermore, a mismanaged Twitter account can backfire and cause harm to your business reputation. Here are some important management tips to protect and improve your Twitter relationships;

  • Choose who you follow – Although you need as many active followers as you can get, you need to limit the people or account that you follow. This is to better manage the feeds. Irrelevant feeds will only bloat your feeds, causing you to miss on important tweets. You also need to keep track of their activity, unfollow accounts that are inactive.
  • Keep you business account business – Do not use your business account to follow celebrities or as a tool to communicate with your family and friends on a personal level. Always consider the followers who will be reading your tweets. Keep your tweets relevant to the business.
  • Manage your Tweets – Tweets should be managed accordingly. Tweeting too much or too little can reflect on the reputation of your business. Too much tweeting might annoy your followers, especially if the information is mundane and repeated. Tweeting too little might cause your followers to lose interest. One or two tweets a day is enough, more if you have important events and other business announcements.
  • Watch what you Tweet – The content of your tweets are very important. Make tweets that are relevant to the business, interesting and informative. It should be something that your followers would read, and not skipped. You can add links of webpages in case they want to learn more about your tweet.
  • Get help – Businessmen rarely have time to manage their Twitter accounts. That is normal, any entrepreneur would rather concentrate on growing his business manage social media accounts. But they can get help by;
    • Assign somebody to manage social media accounts – The business can hire a team who will focus on the social media management of the business. Their job would include management of followed and follower accounts, reports on trends, conceptualizing and composing of tweet contents.
    • Use Twitter management tools – Followers, followed and feeds for business accounts can run over tens or hundreds of thousands.  It could be so much that it becomes impossible or time consuming for human management. In this case, you will need tools and apps to help you manage your business Twitter account. Some of the most popular apps are the following;
      • – This app can help you track your Twitter community and their activities, profiles, relationships, mentions, re-tweets and other relevant information you might need.
      • PowerPost – This app will help you determine the best time for you to post tweets to maximize viewership.
      • Twitter Grader – This app can help you determine your most engaged accounts that you are following.
      • TweetCloud – This is your automated summarizer of feeds.
      • Twinfluence – You’ll need this app to determine the influencers in your community.

Author Bio: The writer of this post is Deepak Gupta, who is an experienced internet marketing professional and active blogger. He is associated with a reputed Internet marketing company that provides professional social media marketing services and very well take care the social media aspects of clients.