The Benefits of an Art DirectorFirstly, you need to know if you need an art director or a graphic designer, both of whom have their place in a company that is looking to re-brand or even manage an important photo shoot.

An art director is usually a person at managerial level who has the overall responsibility for the visual parts of a finished product such as a book, advertisement, film or a re-brand. An art director can work for an advertising agency or possibly come from this type of background. Usually they specialise in creating commercials or advertisements but a good art director can do just about anything. The overall benefit of engaging an art director for your re-branding project is mainly due to their advertising agency background (if they have one!). They bring with them a good marketing background with an interest in selling. The art director will develop the concept of your re-brand, and then will commission any photo shoots that are needed, choosing font style and supervising the whole production.

A graphic design is the person who makes things look beautiful but may not bring the marketing experience to the project in the same way an art director would.

The key things you would look for when using an art director for your re-brand would be:

  • Consistency – it may a huge project or a very small one, either way many hands will touch a project. Just think of the processes required in your company or business to place an advert in a local magazine – you may find that 4 or 5 people need to work on it, and approve it before it can be processed and placed in the magazine. Any advertising campaigns has objectives, and an art director is the person who will keep the project on track to meet these objectives. A company re-brand doesn’t happen over night and is a project that can take several months and a large amount of input from different people. The art director provides consistency, making sure the vision and objectives for the re-design are still kept in mind for when the final product, identity or logo is revealed.
  • Quality control – producing a material for the re-branded company is an important part of creating a new identity for your business. Who is the person who can be given the responsibility for checking the quality of materials etc.? The art director may be the person you decide has these responsibilities. In this way, having an art director keeping an eye on materials you can be sure that your customers only see and get the very best marketing material.
  • Defending the concept – this doesn’t sound a positive benefit of an art director but when companies or agencies re-brand, there can be moments of ‘cold feet’ when the bold designs seem too much. An art director will defend the principle and the objectives of the re-brand, making sure it stays on track.
  • Managing ego – being creative and using it to re-brand a company needs a certain amount of ego. Quite often, art directors, designers and writers pour every bit of themselves into a project and an art director is able to keep the whole creative process on track, making sure that egos don’t get in the way of the project in hand.

The benefits of an art director when looking to re-brand are many and varied.

This article written by Michelle Jeeves was written to explian the reasons that art directors like Tim Marner can make your brand "pop". they can make it speak to your audience and make them take notice.