Tips and tricks on how to use AndroidWhile Android is a powerful and awesome device to use, most owners of these gadgets can bet on the fact that it depicts a learning curve before one can become an expert on how to operate it. Actually, this should not scare you even though you Android require some little effort before you can set it up and use your gadget confidently. If your device is well configured, it will easily fetch for you all the stuff needed with little effort but much faster. Once you are well acquainted with the basics of your phone, then you can enjoy unlimited fun customizing it to suit your preferences.

Understanding Android basics

Android set up process will guide you at first on how to set it up after hitting on your power button. Don’t assume anything but even add your Google account. At the top of your main screen is the notification window informing you about incoming notifications like emails, text messages, calendar appointments etc. At the bottom of the screen is your app drawer and the gear shaped icon represents the settings option. Then, using the other physical menu buttons is much easy as you shall find here below.

Clean house

To clean up your Android device, all those widgets and icons that were pre placed on the desktop requires to be cleaned immediately. They are simply manufacturer junk and of little use to you. To remove anything not interesting you, long press it and then remove it by dragging but this doesn’t uninstall the apps.


After your Google account is set up, visit Android market-play store, sign up and then install every app that you need.

Embrace the widget

Widgets in your Android are very important especially due to their instant controls and live information available on home screen. For example, the CalWidget will alert you of upcoming events. The LED flashlight widget is important and the Weather Channel will check how your local weather is. Also install Music and power control widgets and the Foursquare or Twitter widgets will keep you up on social media. Do not fear any of these widgets and most of them are scrollable and resizable.

Get organized

By now you should have installed lots of stuff and it is essential you spare a few minutes and get organized. If you just pile apps all over, your home screen will appear messy and after sometime you will get bored and frustrated. If you have them well organized, you will always tweak easily and at will. If you need to move you apps on to your desktop, open app drawer and long press your app and simply drag it on home screen. Create some folders and everything will appear organized.


Some tunes will appear awesome when put in the device. You can mount your Android to your PC through USB and add music. Alternatively, you can download tons of android themes and android games online.