Dirty, Disgusting Jobs

Every advanced society generates unpleasant jobs. Someone’s got to pick up trash, cut up animals and clean up bodily fluids. Although some of these jobs can pay over $200,000 a year, are they really worth it?

Every medical professional has to deal with unpleasant circumstances, but some specialties have it worse than others. Geriatric nurses care exclusively for the elderly, many of whom are incontinent or delusional, and these nurses earn the same as their colleagues in other specialties. Emergency medical technicians deal with the same elderly population as geriatric nurses, plus gunshot victims, abused children and psychiatric patients. Proctologists are physicians who specialize in the digestive system, including the anus and rectum, but earn less than surgeons, anesthesiologists or dermatologists.

Other dirty jobs include garbage collector, road kill collector and sewage line maintenance. Despite the disgusting nature of these jobs, they all pay less than $50,000. Would you be willing to get dirty for that amount of money?

Source: TopRNtoBSN.com