If you want to make a lot of money after you go to college, then you may want to take a look at getting an engineering degree. Engineers are notorious for their ability to make a large amount of cash after they graduate, and some of the richest men in the entire world have engineering degrees. In fact, the richest man in the entire world, Carlos Slim, has a civil engineering degree from a university in his home country. As we take a look at the five richest engineers in the entire world, it should be noted that one of the main requirements for this list is that the person has to have made their money from a job related to engineering. This is why you will not find mobile mogul Carlos Slim on the list. Here are the five richest engineers in the world right now.

Rafael-del-Pino1: Rafael del Pino - $6.5 Billion

This 85 year old, self made billionaire founded a company called Ferrovial in 1952. This group had $8.8 billion in sales in 2004, and it is now one of the largest construction companies in Spain. Ferrovial is a multinational company, as it also manages airports, toll roads and highways all over the world. Rafael recently retired after his company acquired the Webber Group, one of the biggest construction companies in the United States.

2: Thomas Schmidheiny - $4.4 Billion

Number two on our list holds an engineering degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, but he also has a PhD in business administration. He is the fourth generation head of Holcim, which is the second biggest cement supplier in the world.

Esther-Kopolowitz3: Esther Kopolowitz - $3.4 Billion

The only woman on this list is one of the two sisters who inherited Formento de Construcciones y Contratas in Spain. Her father founded the company, and she bought her sister's share for $800 million in 1997. She owns 38% of the company that has annual sales in the region of $8 billion. She also holds the title of Marquesa de Casa Penalver y de Cardenas de Monte Hermoso in Spain.

4: Otto Happel - $2.7 Billion

Otto Happel inherited his father's dust removal business, but that was not enough for him. He eventually turned that business into the thermal engineering firm known as GEA. He sold his share of GEA in 1999 for $1 billion and a large stake in the newly formed combination of GEA and MG Technologies. He is married and has six children, and Otto currently supports various projects that work to improve Third World countries.

Baba-Kalyani5: Baba Kalyani - $1.4 Billion

Baba Kalyani inherited an engineering fortune, and he currently manages the Kalyani group. He is an MIT engineer, and the group is currently working to making acquisitions in the United States and Europe.

Anyone reading this list of engineers should realize that engineering is a good route to take when choosing a career path. Although these five people are not near the very top of the list when it comes to listing the richest people in the world, they are still billionaires at the end of the day. There are a lot of different avenues to go down when it comes to engineering, and all of them offer up nice salaries for everyone involved in the projects.

Adam Goss is an engineering manager and guest author at Engineering Management, where he co-authored the guide to the Best Online MEM Degree Programs.