Importance-Database-Remote-DBAThe bigger the organization is; the huge size of data it has. The storage area where the data is stored for future use is called the database. Without a database and a database system, it will not be possible to save the data in computer. So it is important for an organization to have a properly configured database and the database should be monitored by the professional DBA providing the remote DBA services. The importance of database can be understood from the following points.

Database maintains data about employees

The number of employees an organization has depends on the scope and size of it. It is easy to grow the size of organization but it will be a difficult job to manage all the employees without a proper database. The database will be used to record the join date of employees, their designation, department, salary, bonus, other incentives and other details. Thus the database is important to manage the details of employees.

Internet plays an important role in this function of database. There are many organizations in the world that require daily update of their employee records and it can be possible only with the help of internet. Data about the employees is inserted the database using online interface. This gives central management of all functions in an organization.

Database maintains data about customers

In marketing we say that customer is the king. It will be easy to satisfy the king if we are maintaining all the details of all the customers. The details that might be important include items purchased by the customers, order date of items, delivery date of items, service provided, name and address of customers, birth date and marriage date of the customers if they are married etc. Order date is required so that you can remind them for renewal, birth date and marriage dates are required so that you can wish them on these special occasions. All these things will be easy to manage if you have a properly configured database designed according to the details and requirements of the customers and the database support from the skilled professionals. This explains the importance of database in giving 100% satisfaction to the customers.

How database about customers is important from SEO point of view?

Reliable SEO techniques revolve around the ways to get the maximum organic visits from the search engines. Organic visits mean the visitors that you desire. A student searching for some online course if comes to a car buying site then what will he do. Actually he may leave the site in less than a minute and that would do nothing good but contribute to bounce rate of the site and no webmaster wants this. If a webmaster wants that the maximum visits should include those visitors who have interest in buying cars then the site should be optimized keeping in mind the requirements of the customers. This can be possible if you have the latest updates of all the customers so that you can optimize your site for the targeted visitors. This is where database plays an important role in gathering the important details of the customers so that the interest of the targeted customers can be predicted accurately.

Database maintains data about suppliers

Every business depends upon its suppliers for the source of raw materials. The profit can be maximized only if you can take the expenses to minimum. The minimum level of expenses can be possible if you have the true and complete information of all the suppliers so that you can buy raw materials from the best and reliable source. Management of information of the best and reliable suppliers will be possible with the availability of properly configured database. So if your database has the details of the best and reliable source of raw materials required for your business then you can the best buying deals and this will maximize the profit. This is the importance of database in maintaining the data about suppliers.

Database maintains data about competitors

A business whether online or offline can grow only if it can perform better than its competitors in terms of all important business functions such as production, marketing, selling, and customer relationship. You can perform better than your competitors only if you know what your competitors can do. For example, you can do the marketing of your products or services better than your competitors only if you know the marketing strategy of the customers. Thus database plays an important role in growing a business by keeping safe the important and relevant details of the competitors.

The details of competitors also help in the SEO of site. If you know what your competitors are doing to get the better search engine rank then you can follow their strategy to get the same or better results. For example, if I am selling the logo designing services then I need to know my competitors and the leaders in my niche. I did research and the two best sites that I found are designcrowd and crowdspring. Now I need to study their web activities. I will use online tools such Alexa ranking and others to find out the backlinks of these sites. I can use the same sites to create the same authority backlinks for my site also. This is how I can move on my way. This could be possible only If I maintain the maximum details of my competitors in my database.

The maximum use of database can be done by the expert database administrator so the database administrator or DBA providing the remote DBA services is as important as database. A company with the strong database of all the important business details and with database support by the skilled database professionals will do well against its competitors in the long run.