Q's Top 5 Gadgets for 007 - Lotus-EspiritEver since Dr. No and the introduction of Sean Connery as British Secret Service agent James Bond in 1962, Ian Fleming’s character has become an icon of British cinema.

The blood filled gun-barrel intro as the theme kicks in just oozes style, charisma and punch just like the hero himself does. Bond’s proclivity for a shaken, not stirred Vodka Martini, an irresistible charm towards beautiful women and an imperturbable demeanour in the face of danger makes him one of Hollywood’ most loved characters.

Another aspect to the franchise is the ingenuity of Q’s gadgets that never fail to get Bond out of a tight spot, and make him look all the more suave and calculating. Here is a list of his top gadgets for 007.

1) Lotus Espirit- The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Famous for being one of the only cars to actually survive a Bond mission, the Lotus Espirit’s key gadget is its ability to turn from a car into a mini-submarine at the flick of a button, which enabled Bond (Roger Moore) and Anya (Barbara Bach) to elude their followers. 

Other features included a cement blaster that covered a following vehicles windscreen, impairing the driver’s vision, which also coupled as a smoke screen when underwater. Of course, no Bond car would be complete without fitted land to air torpedoes and machine guns disguised as headlights.

2) Parker Pen- GoldenEye (1995)

A rather innocuous looking gadget, the explosive Parker pen allowed Bond (Pierce Brosnan) to start an explosion inside the satellite room of the evil 006’s (Sean Bean) headquarters, and stop him from destroying London’s stock exchange via satellite.

3) Voice Changer- Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

After Bond (Sean Connery) learns that nemesis Blofeld used a voice changer to convince people he was businessman Willard Whyte over the phone, Q modifies one himself so that they could use it to try and trap Blofeld. After Bond remarks what an ingenious invention it is, Q quips back, “Oh thanks. I made one for the kids last Christmas!”

4) Briefcase-From Russia With Love (1963)

A gas canister, disguised as talcum powder, fitted into the opening mechanism is set to explode if the case is opened incorrectly. When Bond (Sean Connery) is held at gun point by Red Grant, who posed as Bond’s contact Agent Nash, he tricks Grant into opening the briefcase incorrectly, setting off the gas in Grant’s face. After a long battle, Bond is able to extract the knife hidden inside the briefcase and stab Grant.

5) Remote-Controlled Car – Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Q equips Bond (Pierce Brosnan) with a BMW and a Sony Ericson mobile phone, with the capability of controlling the car and all its gadgets too.

After Bond escapes the clutches of the hit man on him, he opens up his phone, turns the car on and drives around sitting in the back passenger seat trying to escape the building. He uses rockets, missiles, wire cutters and road spikes to evade his pursuers and all the while the car’s interactive voice response system keeps telling him to reduce speed and put his seat belt on.

These nifty gadgets are what make the James Bond films such a joy to watch. The Daniel Craig films have more or less dropped the the gadgets, so let’s hope Skyfall will buck that trend!

Feel free to comment with your favourite Bond gadgets that you think deserve to be here!     

James Duval is an IT Specialist and regular blogger for Interactive Voice Response technology company Vicorp