Air Conditioning In The UKSurely the UK isn't hot enough for Air Conditioners. Wrong. Take a look at this article for a light read about the world of air conditioners.

Air conditioning systems are a feature that most people have become accustomed to in their hotel room abroad or their villa in central Spain, so a lot of people wouldn't even consider air conditioning in Britain, it's too cold right? Maybe not; global warming and very humid summers are a reason for an increase in the purchasing of air conditioning systems. Also, most, if not all new cars come with air conditioning as standard and you will often experience it in shops or big department stores; so without knowing it, it is something that we've become used to. Generally we may not believe air conditioning to be of benefit in Britain but can you imagine shopping in a store that didn't have it? You wouldn't last very long in the height of summer, which goes some way towards explaining why it is used.

A large majority of air conditioning systems are made by the Japanese. This is probably of no surprise given the heat that Japan suffers in the summer. How the Japanese survived summer before air conditioning is a mystery. Temperatures generally get into the thirties in July and August. It's easy to see why air conditioning systems have an appeal that is ever growing. It wasn't so long ago in the UK that air conditioned cars or buildings were considered to be the stuff of fantasy, and they are now very much part of society and are unlikely to be going anywhere fast.

So, where can you buy them? Just like with anything these days you're guaranteed to find them on the internet, they'll also be pretty easy to find in hardware and electrical stores. Small air conditioning systems are usually pretty easy to install and come with simple step by step instructions. For bigger systems companies will usually be willing to send out an engineer to install it for you.

Energy consumption varies depending on the brand and size of your system, but one thing to bear in mind is that they use more energy heating a room than they do cooling one. All in all, air conditioners are a superb invention which certainly make any summer time spent indoors more enjoyable. Most of the people who have purchased an air conditioning system have said that they would never go back to living without one and in an office there won't be any more arguments over who gets the fan.

This article was written by air conditioning engineer, Jeremy Glover, for