Branding A Small BusinessThere is no better way for your business to be seen than to build a robust branding campaign. Clever use of branding is what will get you seen and heard and remembered amongst the rest.

It instantly gives you a credible identity that is crucial to your business, what you do and what you can offer consumers. Without branding, your business could be overlooked.

Here are some important tips that can help a small business build a simple and effective business brand:

1.    Design A Distinctive Logo

A distinctive logo gives your business instant recognition, from anything to documents to business cards, printed mugs, pens and printed carrier bags. Decide on a colour scheme, font, and general design and implement this throughout the whole advertising campaign. It doesn’t have to be over the top, just make it as relevant and eye-catching as you can.

2.    Unique Slogan

One aspect of advertising is coming up with a clever memorable slogan or tagline that people will know you by. The message you are putting across to clients should be short and sweet but to the point, nothing complicated but one that really reflects your company as a whole and why potential customers should choose you.

3.    Find a Advertising Method That Works For You

It’s a good idea to test out your branding and advertising image to gauge the reaction from the public but once you find a campaign that works, stick to it. Constantly changing the company’s image, design, look and logo, will confuse existing customers and potential customers even more and probably result in you losing business. Like they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Once you have found a method that works for you, show consistency and update your website/s, e-newsletters with your company branding.

4.    Be Proactive With Internet Advertising

How often do you update your company website? Your website should be regularly updated all the time with fresh information keeping your clients in the loop. A new customer may be put off if they land on your website and see that the last post was made over a year ago. If you aren’t on Facebook or Twitter, now is a good time to start and is the easiest and quickest way to promote your services and keep in contact with potential and existing clients.

5.    Create A Blog

Write a blog which can be used in conjunction with your Facebook and Twitter pages. This can be used to keep customers up to date with information on all elements of your business, latest products, developments and general information.  I.e.) if you are a plumber, you could write a post about the importance of insulating your pipes in winter.

There are a number of free blogging programs that make it quick and easy for you to set up your own blog, check out WordPress or Blogger.

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