Reducing Harmful Chemicals In Your GardenKeeping your garden looking good without using harmful chemicals is usually an afterthought. Who knows what kind of long-term damage will be caused from using certain weed-killers and pesticides. Not to mention if your growing vegetables or fruit, do you really want to be eating something that has been soaked in and probably absorbed goodness knows what? I've written this little bit of advice to try and convert those who use pesticides and the like to help maintain their garden.

Selecting Fertilizers

Everyone knows that most people would be lost without fertilizer, but which one do you choose? There are a wide range of fertilizers available and selecting the right one can be difficult. If your fairly new to gardening you might just select the first one that you find on the shelf of your local home/garden store. Don't do this. Have a look at what the fertilizer contains. Natural fertilizers can stand up to the test just as well as their chemical counterparts as long as you know what you are doing!

You need to make sure you only apply where necessary and not to over-use it. Make sure you keep your eye on how your garden is doing, If you think its not taking effect at least ask a professional for advice. Hopefully the weather conditions are as you hoped for and are not preventing the growth in your garden.

Milk spore

Milk spore is a natural pesticide. All those little pests nibbling on your leaves can be annihilated without any harmful chemicals or poisons as the ones used to kill the pests are usually bad for the environment.

As milk spore is a natural substance you will find that yes, it is more expensive that your regular pesticides, but it does actually work as a permanent solution. You will never have to reapply milk spore on your garden. Good stuff.


It's possible to have your garden so that your water consumption is minimal and the need for pesticide is reduced. This will benefit you as the garden requires little upkeep and you can have a bit more time relaxing and less time picking weeds. The aim is to have a garden so balanced that everything looks after itself, this is particularly good in areas where a hosepipe ban is in effect. Having a garden that has equilibrium will hopefully keep pests under control, plants will help each other and the garden will maintain itself.

So keeping your garden looking great doesn't always require harmful chemicals that damage the enviroment. There are always other ways and i'm sure that you will be proud of what you can achieve without them.

Josh Andrews loves looking after his home and garden. When he isn't writing about it he is usually working for a lawn treatment company and helping others with their garden.