Owlet-Baby-Monitor-Breath-Monitoring-DeviceIf you believe that this modern era has become very much technology oriented, just to make life easier and there is no room for emotions, then you’re absolutely wrong. There are certain inventions made to strengthen the connection between two persons, one among those is the outstanding invention of Owlet Baby Monitor, made by a team of students of Brigham Young University.

Albeit, there are many monitors that intimate you about your baby’s movement in the dark room or you can hear your baby cry from the room, which is almost 4 rooms away from your room, but there was no such invention so far that would recognize whether your baby is breathing or not. This is one of the concerns among parents with new babies and this was the reason behind Jacob Colvin’s new invention of certain smart socks, which figures out whether the baby is breathing normally or not.

Colvin and his team have worked and invented a monitor that can be fastened around the foot of the baby just like a sock; this observes the pulse rate of the heart and also, the level of oxygen in the blood. If there is any change in the heart rate of the baby or if it stops breathing suddenly, then an immediate warning would be sent across to the smartphone of the parents, through an app. You can be relaxed and sleep, without an insecure thought of your baby’s safety, even when you’re not with your baby.

This pair of wireless socks has been developed with an intention to reduce the number of casualties due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Clinically, it is not of any help to make the situation better in such cases; however it can alert the parent to take certain precautionary measure before the situation goes worse. Colvin says, “Our hope is that we can give parents time to react and see that something’s wrong before it’s too late.”

This monitor has been developed for the 3rd annual ‘Student Innovator of the Year competition’, Colvin & his team bagged the first prize with an amount of $6000. This amount will certainly, be helpful for the further development of this device.

We understand, how much this invention means to the parents, but they have to await its release in the market, as this is not up for sales yet.

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