Moving Into a New House? Organize as You Go!You’ve bought a new home and now the excitement of moving in begins! So how do make sure that your new house doesn’t turn into the clutter pit you’re moving out of? The idea is to move in with fewer belongings and put them in place as you go. Not only does this remove a lot of the stress of unpacking after you move in, but it makes sure that you don’t pack in things you don’t really use or don’t need any longer. It’s said that you should throw away at least 10% of your stuff during every move, but I would definitely move towards 30-40% instead. 

As soon as you get settled, you’re going to start replacing what was lost anyway. It’s part of buying a new property and making sure that real estate reflects who you and your family are. Naturally, as you put in lighting fixtures and other personal touches, you’ll probably purchase small pieces of furniture to match them as well. Then, you realize that you still have all your old furniture and need to do something with it. At this point, it’s a choice of either selling it or storing it, and only one of those does you any good financially. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to simply sell it or give it away before you moved everyone into the new residence?

If you’re purchasing a foreclosure or other used home, then you may be making even more changes to the house. During this process, it’s virtually impossible to get settled without spending money on new items that will be added to your current list of belongings. To prevent stress from clutter and unpacking that will take days, organize each room as you go. Rather than simply dropping off boxes in the general space where they will be put away, take the time to put the furniture in place and avoid the rush that accompanies most moves. If you can take your time, you’ll find the move actually goes smoother and you can simply transition everyday life from one house to another without too much disruption.

To make this process easier, make sure you label each box carefully and use names everyone can understand. If you only use initials and some unknown code you made up, then whoever helps you move is going to have a lot of questions. You could avoid many of these by making sure everyone is on the same page and understands how the move is planned. If you can do this, then moving into your new home will not only be far less stressful but cleaner as well. 

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