Impact-Social-MediaSocial media and the internet in particular have revolutionized the way we live, think, communicate and relate with others. The emergence of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made a huge impact in many people’s day to day lives. Just like every thing else under the sun, these social networks has both positive and negative to our modern society. The following are some points on the impact that social media has on the young people:

The youth is by far the most affected age-group, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised if you catch your son or daughter sitting in front of her computer laughing by him/her. Every time these youngsters meet, you will here them asking each questions such as ‘Are you on Facebook/twitter?’, ‘What is your Facebook ID?’, ‘What is your Twitter handle?’, ‘Did you seem the photo I tagged you in?’ and so forth. If you find yourself wondering what the youngsters are all about when involved in such talks, then you definitely don’t belong to this age group. So, what kind of impact do these social networking sites have on the youth? Well, the following are the various ways in which the youth have been impacted by social media:

It has made communication easier – just like texting, using Facebook and tweeting is more common in young people than in any other age group. You will find out that most young people like to send and receive information to and from their friends and family members. This kind of communication is not only faster, but it is also very convenient and cheap.

It has strengthened past and present friendships – due to the easy access of the internet in most parts of the world, distant cousins and long lost friends have been able to find each other and keep in touch in the most convenient way through social networks. This means that, young people have found it easy to re-establish past relationship, establish new relationships and strengthen existing relationships. In the past, high school friendships ended almost as soon as the graduation was over. Nowadays, it has become very easy to trace an almost forgotten friend from pre-school.

It has helped them secure jobs easily – gone are the days whereby one would seek for a decent job for days without success. In these modern times, finding your ideal job has been made really easy, all thanks to the power of the social media.  It was also hard for employees to find the ideal workers to fill in vacant position in their businesses. That is a thing of the past now as there are various pages that have been created to aid both employers and employees find each other in a more convenient way. All you have to do is to like or subscribe to these Facebook pages that are developed for job givers and seekers, and you will receive the latest updates on the latest job openings. If you do not know the meaning of liking or subscribing to a page, then you most likely fall under a different age group.

It has facilitated online dating – The 21st generation always hears of tales on how it was hard to woo a girl before the 20th century and they wonder; how could it have been hard? Back in the days, it was very hard to maintain a relationship between couple that was a few miles away from each other. Today, that is no longer the case as the internet has made dating really easy. We have witnessed people getting married while oceans apart. Social media has brought a solid platform to both men and women to express their feelings in their Facebook walls and inboxes, something that has led to strong bonds leading to marriage. However, we can’t overlook the fact that there are many people whose hearts have been torn apart due to online dating.

It has facilitated forums and discussion groups – If you would like to know what’s hot and what’s not, all you have to do is to log into your Facebook or Twitter account. These social sites bring people together to discuss the issues affecting their lives. People can now be able to discuss about politics without poking each other’s eyes due to their different opinions.

The old-school generation, or the old timers as some call them is a generation that is caught up between ancient and modern times. Unfortunately, not most of the people in this age group are quite familiar with the technicalities of the world that is brought about by the social media. Most of the old folks that are on social sites are more involved in politics and other serious agendas. Even if social media has brought about a series of immense benefits to the youth, it is always important to consider the disadvantages that are brought about by it. You have to be aware of certain risks such as identity theft as well as invasion of computer viruses. All in all, when utilized properly, social media can improve inter-relationships and help spread the love between people of different backgrounds.

This guest post is contributed by Gem Franco on behalf of, a B2B company that provides a full range of web hosting & technology products to corporations & web development companies. Gem is a freelance writer whose articles appear on various Technology and Internet Marketing blogs.