Why is Pinterest so popularPinterest is a newer social network that has been flourishing, and is now one of the top social networks around. A “virtual pinboard,” this social site allows users to organize and then share things that they find on the web, like photos, clothing, recipes, and crafting ideas. As more and more people get on the network, those who haven’t signed up may be wondering why the site is so popular. The following review aims to look at what the big deal is with Pinterest and if it really deserves all the attention it’s been getting.

About Pinterest

As mentioned, this is a “virtual pinboard” for organizing and sharing things found on the web. Users can share with friends, but there is also the capability to browse other people’s pinboards to help others discover new things from around the web that they may not have stumbled across on their own. By using the “things” that people fall in love with or are intrigued by online, the site is able to connect folks, bringing people together who may not otherwise have a chance to link up. The site first launched in March 2010, but it has been growing ever since, especially in the last year or -so. A members-only site, a large majority are women. Originally invite-only, now anyone can sign up for the network.

Ease of use

Pinterest is simple enough to use. The setup process is simple and fast. Users can sign up quickly using their login credentials from either Facebook or Twitter, or they can create an account from scratch. After signing up and creating the account, users are presented with a series of images to choose from there they can pick the things that interest them, and this will influence the things they see as they begin to interact with the site. After the setup, users can then dive right into the site, exploring what others have pinned. An easy enough site to use, some people may have issues with the site’s navigation. As users click through the site to different user’s boards and into different areas of interest, it seems that people can get a bit lost. Backing out to where they came from can sometimes prove a bit difficult, but thankfully, the main navigation bar can bring users back to where they want to be in just a quick click.

Overall opinion

Pinterest is fun to use, and it is visually exciting. While the main page is flooded with images of fashion, babies, home décor, and other things that are considered to be more feminine interests, there really is something for everyone once you get onto the site and working in the network. As you choose to see things that you enjoy and can follow your own friends, the images that will be displayed will be better suited. The popularity of Pinterest seems to be because it is so easy to use, and you can surround yourself with images that you enjoy. The ability to discover lots of new things probably also appeals to many, since they can explore their interests and see things that they many not otherwise. Pinterest is also probably popular because people can share the things they like. It can be a bit self-indulgent, something that surely appeals to many, whether or not they realize that is the reason. All-in-all, Pinterest is a fun, easy to use site for discovering, exploring, and sharing. Because it is so personalized to individual interests, there is appeal for pretty much everyone who has internet access. It is fun and interesting, and the popular Pinterest site is worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Fred Jones is a tech blogger interested in high-tech, music and how to make a website