Benefit Of Campervan ConversionBuilding a campervan conversion can save you a lot of money. The tools available these days can make your own construction and conversion much easier, and the materials will help yield a professionally done result that you never thought you could achieve. If you have a panel van, you can convert it into a camper van with a minimum of investment, and make it more likely that you will be able to take a holiday, since you already have your lodging taken care of. 

When you convert your own campervan, you can craft it to your own personal needs and tastes. There are plenty of parts available, and you can find many different plans for layouts. You can also find blueprints for furniture that will make it fit perfectly in your available spaces. If you can get a second hand van and gut it, you can build a perfect camping environment for your sports or family holidays.

Some people prefer a panel van for their campervan conversion. This gives you the maximum space, with more room for overhead storage. There are plenty of used panel vans on the European market. If you select one from a courier service, it will at least have a good history of maintenance. Select a high-top van so that you can easily stand up inside. You can also select different wheelbases – choose from short, medium, or long wheel bases to affect the amount of room you have inside. A Volkswagen Transporter is a great choice, for instance, for those who take short trips. They are easy to drive, and handle the roads well.

Converting your own campervan gives you a chance to put your own do it yourself skills to the test. Your own handmade furnishing can be custom fitted and upholstered for much less than you could afford to spend on a brand new campervan right out of the factory.

If you prefer more light in your campervan, consider buying a minibus. These are usually tall enough to stand up in, and the seats are easy enough to remove. Most of the time, these buses have more highway miles than city miles. In addition, a bus is usually easy to do mechanical work on, so you won’t be out as much for repairs when you’re on holiday.

The great thing about converting your campervan is that you can decide how you want to use the space available. If you hate spending money on food while on holiday, you can put a kitchen in your campervan. If you think eating out is part of being on holiday, you can leave out the kitchen and put in another bunk or two, or more comfortable seating.

If you select a box van for your campervan conversion, be prepared to insulate it, as the thin fiberglass construction will not give you much protection from temperature fluctuations. However you certainly will have more room in these larger vehicles, and if it has a luton, you can put your bed over the cab of the van.

Bio. Steve Holt is into all aspects of vehicle modification, he's worked on cars, vans and campers. When he isn't doing that as a hobby, he currently works for Autohaus conversions and have campers for sale.