How to Customize Your iGoogle PageMany people have Google as their home page when they surf the web, but they may not be aware that they can customize what they see on the Google page. There is a page called iGoogle, located at or at, which allows you to get a variety of things you are interested in, all on one page. Instead of visiting many pages to get the information, iGoogle can put it all on one page.

Gadget guru

Basically, the page is completely customizable, thanks to the presence of Google gadgets. What the gadgets do is pull in information, graphics, and even games onto your iGoogle page. For example, you can have your local weather report on your iGoogle page. Other options include games such as Pac-Man or Frogger.

Be fluent

If you are looking to translate a word or phrase to or from English, there is a translator function. You will see a drop-down menu, where you can choose which languages you want to translate to and from. Then you simply enter the text you need translated. It’s quick and easy.

Keep up with your favorite sites

Are there websites and blogs where you want to know when the latest news is posted? Just have the site on your iGoogle page, and you can easily see the latest posts. If you write your own blog, you may want to do this as well, just to keep track of how your blog looks to the public.

Weather aboveground

You can have your local weather forecast on your iGoogle page, so you will know each morning what the weather is like, without having to go to a different page. What a timesaver. You can also have weather listed for a place you are planning to visit, such as Orlando, so you can keep track of what the weather is like.

To-do lists

You can have a to-do list on your iGoogle page, which shows you what to get done each day. Each morning when you get online you can write down your tasks for the day, or have an ongoing to-do list.

Email tracking

Instead of having to log in to your email hundreds of times a day, you can check your iGoogle page and easily scan the subject line and senders of your most recent emails. This saves you time and energy – if there’s nothing pressing, you don’t have to spend time clicking.

These are just some of the things you can do with an iGoogle page. So why not check out iGoogle, and see what the site is all about? It could save you some time and energy.

Lisa Swan is a representative of Blue Fly Web Marketing.