Easy Ways New Drivers Can Get Affordable Car Insurance QuotesSo, you are fresh on the road and you need to insure your car but you do not want to spend a lot of money on car insurance for new drivers yet you are aware that it is common for inexperienced drivers to have to pay more than those with experience. Well, we are here to be your guide because getting an affordable quote for your premium is something that does not have to be a challenge at all. Keep reading this article and find some great tips that are sure to get some bucks knocked off of your quote.

Show Off Your Grades

If you are a new driver it more than likely means that you are a student which is a good thing due to the fact that many companies reward student who maintain a 3.0 grade point average or higher. The discounts are going to vary from company to company but you can be sure that majority of the companies are going to knock off some bucks simply because you are doing well in school.

Add a Named Driver

Adding a named driver can help you get a good deal knocked off of your quote especially if the person happens to be someone who would fall into the category of being an experienced driver. Additionally, it also looks good if they have a good driving record and have never filed any claims. However, one thing you want to keep in mind when taking this route is you are not lying to the company because if they find out you are “fronting” you are going to find yourself in a whole world of trouble.

Do Not Modify Your Car

If you are truly looking for an affordable quote when it comes to your car insurance for new drivers it would be in your best interest not to modify your car. This is because when you add things such as body kits to your car all you are doing is setting yourself up to have to pay a higher premium. Instead if you want to you can always install safety and security features which will benefit you by allowing you to have even more bucks knocked off of your premium while at the same time making it so your car is less likely to be broken into by car thieves at the same time.

Get on Your Parents Plan

One of the best ways and most promising ways to get a good quote is to go in on your parent’s coverage. However, this is something that is not possible for everyone but if it is you definitely need to try to convince your parents to get on board. Besides, depending on your age and other factors they may be the ones who end up paying for your coverage in the first place anyways. So, they will be saving themselves some bucks in the process by doing so.