iPad Apps for Special Needs ClassroomsTraditional classrooms have gone the way of technology. Special needs classrooms should not be any different. Research has shown that iPad applications are effective in teaching students with learning disabilities, delayed speech and Autism. Students, teachers, therapists and parents can use applications to communicate effectively with one another and come up with the best learning plan for the student. Below are three great iPad apps for special needs classrooms.

Flashcards For iPad

Although marketed for preschool children ages 2 to 5, the Flashcards for iPad application is a great tool for children of any age that need a little help in math, reading, spelling or several other subjects. The app not only features learning tools and age-appropriate games, it is also great for teaching your child a second language. Flashcards for iPad supports English, Spanish, French and a variety of other languages. The app offers hundreds of flashcards in a variety of categories, including the traditional numbers, letters and shapes, as well as animals, body parts and several other categories and even allows children to practice in two languages at the same time. You can use hundreds of pre-recorded words and sounds or record your own sound files for letters and words. Though the navigation is kid-friendly, there is also an option for parents to set controls and settings and then lock them down so they cannot be changed. Other options include word matching games and spelling games. Flashcards for iPad is available for a one-time fee of $3.99.

Behavior Tracker Pro

Marketed for children with Autism, Behavior Tracker Pro allows the child's therapists, teachers and parents track and graph their behavior. Data can then be exported to Excel spreadsheets to be used in IEP programs or via email to share with other important people in the child's life. Tracking the behavior of Autistic children with Behavior Tracker Pro improves the treatment and teaching methods that are used and allows for a better learning environment for the child. The application allows for recording videos of the child's behavior and uploading to a Team Portal for access to advanced charts and graphs and video messaging. It supports A.B.C. data and Frequency and Duration Data. Users can choose to graph behaviors by duration, frequency or rate. Behavior Tracker Pro is available for a one-time fee of $29.99 and supports unlimited children and observers at no extra costs.

White Noise

Recommended by both the New York Times and The Washington Post, the White Noise application for iPad allows you to relax and drown out stressful noises. Although it is advertised as an app to help users sleep, research has shown that white noise helps in the sensory rooms that autistic children use when they need a break from the "real world". White Noise features more than 40 perfectly looped sounds, including the beach, falling rain, a heartbeat and crickets. Users can import new sounds from the app's markets at no additional cost, mix multiple sounds together and even create playlists. White Noise will link to AppleTV and other devices if you wish to play your sounds on larger speakers. Fade audio to prevent sudden waking and fade in alarms to gradually wake you up in the morning. Add your favorite sounds to a favorite category to be viewed more easily in the future and even record custom noises. White Noise costs a one-time fee of $1.99.

Mindy Walker is a special education teacher and guest author at Best Colleges Online, where she contributed to the guide to the Top 10 Best Online Colleges for an Education Degree.