Garmin Fenix GPS WatchGarmin have announced a new GPS watch specifically for the outdoor market which goes by the name of the Garmin Fenix.  It has a classic watch design and features full GPS navigation for outdoor enthusiasts – for example climbers, mountaineers, geocachers, walkers, hikers, and hunters. The 70 × 70 pixel resolution grayscale display offers full mapping as well and paperless geocaching – all of which is integrated into the Fenix watch face for ease of use. 

Comes with Altimeter, Compass, and Barometer

The Garmin Fenix is fully equipped with an electronic altimeter, barometer and compass which make it the ideal companion for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Because it offers GPS in a watch, it lets the user go hands-free when exploring, without the need to use a cumbersome and heavy handheld GPS device – for example the Garmin eTrex and Montana ranges.  The 141 gram heavy watch from Garmin uses a lithium-ion battery which has an overall charged usage time of between 16 and 50 hours on a single charge (dependent on whether GPS mode is activated).

Record Your Adventures on the Trail

Other features of the Garmin Fenix include the ability to record your tracks and also create waypoints and full management of POIs (points of interest files). It is also compatible with the Garmin BaseCamp software package which lets the user share data wirelessly and then manage and create activities on their PC – these can then be loaded straight into the Garmin Fenix GPS watch.

In addition to the GPS functionality, the Garmin Fenix can also act as a clock, timer, stopwatch, alarm and has world clocks included.  Because of this it can act as a daily watch – the style looks good enough for it to pass itself off as a high end digital watch as compares favorably to some of the better Casio outdoor watches on the market.  It’s rugged, shock proof, and also water proof up to a depth of 50 meters so should withstand any punishment that can be thrown at it by intrepid outdoors people.

Works Wirelessly for Easy Data Sharing

It doesn’t end there though.  The Garmin Fenix is also compatible with Garmin ANT+ wireless technology which lets you communicate your heart rate, speed and cadence back to the device and other Garmin devices – or even smart phones.  Plus, if you are worried about the weather when off the beaten track, the Garmin Fenix offers temperature and pressure readings to warn you of any impending bad weather coming your way.

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