Benefits of a Portable Ultrasound MachinePerhaps you have seen the movie trailer-like commercial for Sonosite portable ultrasound machines that demonstrates the immediate benefits of being able to quickly diagnose a variety of injuries to athletes and others? It clearly shows a demarcation and transformation of miniaturized technology that allows sonograms to be performed in environments where a hospital is not easily accessed. It is a revolutionary technology that brings world-class diagnostics right to the patient, whether they are on a football field, to an expectant mother in a far off place, or to urgent care clinics where space is limited.

Uses for portable ultrasound are great, but until the late 1990’s, battery limitations prevented them from operating on their own power, and electrical outlets were necessary to use the machines. As battery technology has improved, so the portable ultrasound system has as well, and because of this, they can now truly be portable.

What does this mean for the prospective patient? Shut-ins, sick and fragile patients, can now have a medical professional perform a survey of their affected areas, or areas of concern without having to go to a hospital or doctor’s office. Expecting mothers or people with heart issues can quickly, and non-invasively, have their insides checked out. Athletes are able to be diagnosed right at the place of injury to determine if they can get back and play, or need to go for treatment. This means no long drives to the hospital, or waiting once one arrives there, possibly further complicating and exacerbating their physical ailment.

Ultrasound is also used on farms. Farmers and veterinarians can deduce possible medical problems surrounding their farm animals, and be able to provide treatment without having to open up the animal.

Health care providers to poor areas of the world can now bring ultrasound technology easily to remote locations, and provide non-toxic pictures to reveal if any medical problems exist.

Gynecologists use portable ultrasound for cervical exams, to scrutinize fertility issues, and inspect the reproductive system.

Advanced treatment for those who may have heart disease can easily be provided for by portable ultrasound machines. Since heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States, a non-toxic, non-invasive examination using this technology allows for one’s doctor to look for abnormalities and other heart-related problems before they become serious.

Prostate cancer is the leading cancer for men, affecting about one-in-five in the United States. Early detection is significant for this disease in which its origins are still yet unknown. A simple ultrasound checkup can be a part of a broader prostate examination to catch any disease that may exist, so that treatment may begin immediately.

A Portable ultrasound from Imaging Associates, does what the large, traditional machines can’t: because of their immensely strong batteries they can now be brought to any part of the world to address many serious medical conditions, and help save lives.

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