Google-ChromebookIt has been more than a year since Google introduced the first Google Chromebook, while the Chromium OS has been around for almost three years. It’s another thing that not much has been written about the OS as of now, mainly because it is of no match to the widely used Microsoft windows as far as user base is concerned. But knowing that Google has the plans and resources to keep investing, we can safely assume that Chrome OS will soon become a more widely used operating software, and once it does, Chromebook will automatically become a more frequent sight, just like the hundreds of laptops or Macbooks we see these days.

Not that chromebook works any different than a typical laptop; however it is pretty much a new breed, when we compare it to a traditional laptop because of its OS. Let’s compare chromebook with conventional laptops from the perspective of an average user and see which one is a better option.


At the moment, chromebook is available in the same price range of a laptop with similar specs. In fact, it might sound a tad expensive. However, there will be a significant drop in prices sooner than later. At the moment the chromebook will cost you around $199 - $450 dollars on average, but you can expect to get Chromebook at much lower prices because of the OS. For example you don’t need heavy-storage hard drives because all of your files are stored in cloud.


While Chrome Web store is full of apps ranging from Business Tools to Entertainment, and Education to Games, someone who has grown up using Microsoft Windows will find it hard to get accustomed. But then there’s this added advantage of having all these apps at your disposal without having the need to install heavy programs. In simple words, it might take some time before you can get accustomed to work on a chromebook if you have been using conventional laptops for quite some time, but once you do, chromebook might turn out to be a better option for average users.

Thinking Long Term:

Having a chromebook entitles you to get the future updates without spending a single penny, of course as long as the updated versions can run smoothly on your device. Add to it a plethora of apps being added to their web store on regular basis, and it can become a really good long term investment (when compared to a conventional laptop). On the other hand, it is not the right choice if you are looking to go one step ahead of an average user and use it for a particular purpose other than browsing the Internet, emailing, and simple office work.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal requirements and what you are looking to do with your laptop. Of and not to forget that it requires high-speed internet connectivity to function, which means you have got to be living in a developed country with 3G, precisely the reason why it is only available in countries like US, UK, France or Germany at the moment.

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