Tips-Search-Engine-OptimizationIn the global village of internet, if the website doesn’t show up on the first page of Google or other search engines it is detrimental for the business or service or any other purpose for which the website has been developed.

Here are some very useful tips for search engine optimization.

1. Right to the point domain name:

The domain name has a significant importance in the search engine optimization. Some important keywords defining your business or service can hit up to the mark. It increases the chances to be on the first page because the search engines give importance to the domain name while searching. Recently, Google has released Exact Match Domain (EMD) algorithm update. The main purpose of this update is to discourage usage of main keywords in domain name. In my opinion this update will not affect all the websites that have keywords in domain name. For example, open and search “web designers” you will find a couple of websites that have web designers or web designer in the domain name. EMD update will affect those websites that have the following things collectively:

  • Keywords in the domain name
  • Poorly optimized
  • Linking to irrelevant sites
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Using primary keywords only while building backlinks. After penguin, you should use other words as well while building backlinks not only your primary keywords like if your main keyword is web designers you should also use web development while building backlinks.

2. Relevant Meta tags:

The search engines are programmed to give more importance to the meta tags so your meta tags should be relevant to the product and services being offered. If your website is non-business then it should describe the purpose or relevance of your website. It should be written in accordance with the prospected words that the users will search. 

3. User friendly:

The website should be user friendly. The navigation should be easy.  If the visitor will come and get bored, it is a very bad impression. It must have the right stuff so that the user comes and stays. He/she will invite and recommend your website to other people as well.

4. Website Hierarchy:

It is indispensable for the hierarchy of your website to be search engine friendly. The website designer should be professional enough to understand the requirements of search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. The headings, words and tags should be written according to the search requirements of the users.

5. Establish reliability of your website:

Backlinks from the well-renowned websites will create the authority and reliability of your website. The search engine will automatically find the incoming links to your site and rank your website better.

6. List your website on famous directories:

This is also a recommended Search Engine Optimization strategy to list your website on the famous local directories. Listing your website on local directories will increase the rank of your website and local search engines will rank your website higher than other websites.

7. Ability to Crawl:

There are certain programs like robots/web spiders that are being used by the search engines. They crawl and index the web and find new content. This content is processed later by a search engine. This makes the searches fast. For this reason it is important that the search engine robots and search engine spiders can find your website for crawling and indexing. In this regard, take care that the content of your website is not embedded in flash files/images. It should be readable so that the search engine finds it easily. Where the images are used, the proper alt tags should be written.

8. Sitemap:

The sitemap is also crucial. Place it on your website. It will help search engine robots and search engine spiders to search and index all the pages on the website.

9. Up-to-date website:

Your website should be up-to-date according to the dynamic requirements of the ever-changing demands. All the news and events of your product/service should be updated regularly.

10. Social Media:

Social Media has become a vital element of search engine optimization today. Whenever you update your website or add new content share that with your social media friends via Facebook, twitter, Google Plus+, Taggged, Pinterest etc. The more the people like and share your posts the more popularity your business will get.