A Must-Have Guide To Airport ParkingWith a multitude of things to consider when preparing for a holiday, parking your car is often the least of your worries. Knowing about Birmingham airport parking before it’s too late can save you a lot of time, hassle and money. You don’t want to leave yourself enough time to arrange the parking and then realise that your daughter has forgotten her hair straighteners half way to the airport! Know the situation well in advance.

There are two different types of Birmingham airport parking, on site and off site. Knowing the difference is crucial to deciding which suits you best. Arriving at the airport without having pre-booked one of those options can leave a scalding hole in your packet, the last thing you want before an already expensive trip. You’ll also want to avoid choosing the wrong type, as this can leave you rushing and panicking to make your flight.

On-Site Parking

This is the most popular option and the most convenient choice for a lot of people. The parking spaces are close enough to the terminals to be well within walking distance. You can expect to pay a little more for this than off-site parking but the benefits can outweigh the drawbacks. On-site airport car parks are always populated with crowds of people, providing an instant deterrent to any would be thieves in the area. Added to which there are dedicated security guards and CCTV, it makes for a much safer experience. You can also take heart in knowing that because the on-site parking is so close to the airport, the terminal security will also overlap with the car park.

The biggest benefit in this instance is time. Time will be saved in being able to drive as close to the airport as possible, and time will be saved in being able to walk right up to the terminal. This is particularly more desirable if you have large groups or children, keeping track of everybody is much easier.

Off-Site Parking

Birmingham airport parking, and many other airports, also has off-site facilities which are slightly further away from the terminals. These are serviced by monorails or shuttle buses, which run frequently and efficiently. However, this doesn’t mean that they are impervious to delay or breakdown. Hopping from one foot to another whilst waiting for a bus to arrive can be a painful experience, knowing that you only have ten minutes before the boarding gates close.

Large groups are at risk of being separated on these busy public transport systems, and the bus or train may be full with only half of your party on board. For these problems though, you can expect to see a drop in price. Off-site parking is popular with those wanting to save money rather than have the extra hour in bed.

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